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How to Find the Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair

How to Find the Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair

We all want thick, dense hair. Don’t we? But those who are blessed with thick hair know that it’s not always easy to style it. Not only it is incredibly time-consuming to deal with thick hair, but also, not all styling appliances work effectively on it, especially hair curlers.

When you curl your hair, you want to alter the texture of your hair and make it more bouncy. But to make this look last long, you need to ensure that you curl your hair correctly using an effective hair curler. There are a few things that you can consider to make sure your hair curler works on thick hair.

Style of Curl

It is essential to know what kind of curl you are exactly looking for. Do you want tight spiral curls or bouncy loose waves? Either way, you must keep this in mind while buying a hair curler online.

You can choose a hair curler with a thick barrel to get bigger waves or one with a thinner barrel for tighter curls. However, you must remember that curls on thick hair tend to loosen up after a while, so you might want to go for tighter curls in the first place as they will eventually loosen up and give you bouncy, beachy waves.

To make your tight curls stay longer, select a hair curler with a higher heat setting as it would allow you to retain your hairstyle even as the weight of your hair pulls it down.

Length of Your Hair

Another thing to keep in mind while looking for hair curlers online is your hair length. While long, thick hair looks absolutely gorgeous, it can take a lot of time to style. An excellent tip to curl your long and dense hair is to go for a hair curler with a thick barrel and high heat setting.

A thick barrel will let you work with larger sections of your hair at a time, and the higher heat setting will set your hair faster. This way, you will be able to get stunning curls in no time. You can also opt for a ceramic barrel to ensure that the heat doesn’t damage your hair.

Material of the Barrel

Talking of ceramic barrels, it is essential to make sure you pick hair curlers that are made with materials that don’t harm your hair. Ceramic is one of the most popular and effective options available in the market today.

Ceramic hair curlers heat up fast and prevent your hair from being exposed to heat for long durations of time. This keeps heat damage to a minimum, keeping your hair healthy and soft.

Adjustable Heat Settings

While you would mostly need to use your hair curler at maximum heat setting to style thick hair, it is always advisable to use one that lets you adjust the temperature. This way, you can customize the heat level according to what works for you and don’t have to expose your hair to unnecessarily high heat levels if a lower temperature setting does the job for you.

It’s important to consider all these points while buying a hair curler online, but one of the most significant things to keep in mind is the brand. No matter what your hair type, you must always use trusted products from well-known brands. At VEGA, we have a range of excellent hair curlers for every hair type. Whether your hair is dry or frizzy, wavy or straight, you will find the perfect hair curler at our online store. So, wait no more, head to find the best hair curler for you and flaunt stunning curls every day.