How To Get Trending Curled Lashes?

How To Get Trending Curled Lashes?

Dramatic and Curled eyelashes have all the power to elevate your eye-makeup to a whole new level. Getting thick, long, and voluminous lashes is every girl’s desire and if you know the right hack then you can create curled lashes without having to put falsies. For every instant plan when you decide to head out with all the make-up and glam, using an eyelash curler to life your lashes will give an extra oomph of glamor and create an illusion of long lashes naturally. With curled and lifted lashes in demand these days, read this blog till the end to find the step-by-step guide.

Step by Step Guide to Curl the Lashes

Clean and Prep Your Natural Lashes

With the face getting dirty with pollution and getting oily, a lot of impurities and residuals get stuck in the lashes too. It is important to clean the lashes with the help of wipes or a soft cloth to sweep off the oil, residuals, and dirt. You can get the best curls only if the lashes are dry and clean.

Pick the Right Tool

To curl the lashes efficiently and without hurting the eyes, make sure to pick your tools wisely. While picking the eyelash curler, ensure that the curler that doesn’t pull the hair and makes them look crimped or bent. VEGA Eyelash Curler comes with a half-rounded curling pad that is easy to use and comes with smooth opening and closing action.

Tilt the Head in the Right Posture

While using the eyelash curler, keep a mirror in front, tilt your head back and place your lashes between the cushioned curler clamps. Look for all the lashes are between the curler, then squeeze and pump a few times. This will pump the natural curl. Gently apply pressure on the curler so that it does not cause pain on the lashes.

Curl the Eyelash Tips

Once you are done curling the lashes, now repeat the same process by curling the tips. By doing this, the tips will be lifted and enhance the overall look.

Apply the Mascara

Once you are done with all the steps above, take the mascara and apply it normally. Always apply mascara as the last step or else using an eyelash curler after applying mascara can pull the lashes due to the sticky texture of the mascara. Apply one stroke of mascara on the upper and lower lashes. Let it dry and then repeat the strokes for more volume and curl. Drag and follow the curl of the lashes to ensure curls stay secured in their place.

And you are done! Curl your lashes with the help of these quick tips and flaunt curled lashes without falsies or any professional assistance!