Facebook Pixel How to Tackle Hair Knots with Detangler Hair Brush?

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How to Tackle Hair Knots with Detangler Hair Brush?

How to Tackle Hair Knots with Detangler Hair Brush?

Post-shower tangled hair is every girl’s biggest nightmare. Whether you have long hair, short hair, or curly hair, one common problem that everyone agrees with is hair tangles and knots. If you end up finding your mane in a mess every time you leave them open, then it’s time to bring Detangler Hair Brush home!

Getting rid of the hair knots can be painful, especially for people with long and voluminous hair. With each knot that gets separated, the hair comb leaves a few strands broken due to excessive force. Tangles that lead to hair pulling and breakage can discourage anyone who loves their precious hair. Finding the Best Hair Brush for Tangles is an essential element of one’s personal hair care routine leading to healthy, shiny, and tangle-free tresses.

All about Detangling Hair Brushes

Detangling Hair Brushe

Detangler Hair Brush is a one-stop solution for tangle-free, smooth, silky, and easy to manage hair. True to its name, a Detangling Hair Brush removes all the hair knots from the hair without tugging or pulling. It is specially curated for all types of hair that often get entwined with each other, ensuring hair locks get separated without much damage. It features soft and flexible bristles defining painless and gentle detangling of hair along with style and the right shape.

How to Use Detangling Hair Brush the Right Way?

Detangling Hair Brush

Don’t Skip Using Conditioner on Hair

To limit tangles in the hair, always use a conditioner in the shower after washing with shampoo. Divide your hair into two sections and apply conditioning cream on your Hair Comb and comb your hair gently to condition your hair precisely. After rinsing off the foam and cleaning with plain water, brushing the hair becomes easy because the tangles already become soft and loose.

Divide Hair into Sections

While using the hair brush, start with making sections in the hair. Sectioning makes hairstyling and detangling easier to handle and quick. Making small fragments detangles hair effortlessly and helps to gently loosen the knots. Use VEGA Tail Comb for sectioning as the long tail makes parting easier and automatic in just one flip.

Apply Hair Serum

While detangling freshly washed hair, another great tip is to apply hair serum on the root tips. Tangled hair responds better to the serum as it adds shine, minimizes the frizz, and has a great detangling effect and makes use of Detangling Hair Brush easier.

Work through Fingers While Brushing

While brushing hair, instead of gliding the brush aggressively, use it with gentle hands, and in between run your fingers to tackle the larger hair knots. Fingers work magic to separate large portions of hair intermingled along with protecting the sensitive strands from extra damage and hair breakage.

Detangle from the Tips

It is highly recommended to start brushing the hair from the ends and then steadily move upwards towards the crown area. This hack is the most effective and time-saving way to get rid of the knots that refuse to settle down. Starting to brush the hair from the scalp area tends to more damage and hair breakage resulting in further tangles.

Thus, using a Detangler Hair Brush paves way for smooth and knot-free hair that is easy to style and care for.