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How to Straighten Hair with Straightening Brush

If there's no shiny blowout on the table, reach for the only heat tool that quickly delivers smooth, straight hair. Yes, we are talking about our collection of the best hair straightening brush. It gives you natural-looking straight hair and solves all your hair-straightening troubles. Our hair brush straightener gives exceptional results and is extremely easy to use. Ideal for straightening hair with an ergonomically built handle for comfortable use. The vented ceramic plates help the circulation of warm air for quick straightening and create a healthy glossy look. The brush has heat-protective bristles covered with silica gel that preserves your scalp oil. It also has anti-frizz and anti-scalding protection; the brush surface maintains a constant temperature to protect against hair getting burned and gives you frizz-free hair. Along with that, we have the best hair straightening brush that offers adjustable temperature range from 180 ° C to 230 ° C, so that you can adjust the temperature according to your hair type. Here is a simple guide to use the best hair straightener brush in India: • Start with Shampoo First, wash your hair with a mild shampoo before you begin styling your hair. It helps your hair look and smell great and remove any greasiness. • Protect Your Locks When you get your hair shampooed and washed, apply a heat -protection product to it. It can be a cream, oil, or spray, so pick the one that best suits your hair. Heat protective products nourish your hair and give it extra strength against all kinds of heat treatments such as hair straightening or curling. Use hair styling products that are gentler on your hair. Yes, the best hair straightening brush in India from Vega is gentler on your hair as compared to conventional flatirons, but you do need to take care of your hair so don't forget to use a heat-protection product. • Dry Your Hair Carefully If you want to air dry or blow your hair dry, you need to make sure it is dry before you go anywhere near it with a hair straightening brush. Otherwise, the device's high temperatures might cause your hair to burn and may also ruin your scalp. • Divide You Hair Up Depending on the thickness of your hair, you need to make hair partitions. But no matter the volume and density, you will need to part your hair evenly into left, right and back segments. Alternatively, you can lift all your hair to the top of your head into a loose bun and slowly lower small chunks of hair when using the best straightening brush to style them. • Start Brushing Take the first hair segment in one hand, then keep the hair brush straightener on the top of the segment and brush it by the end. It brings strength and texture to the hair at the roots, thus simply straightening it out. Remember to not brush through your hair too quickly, or it might not heat and straighten properly. Instead, brush through your hair slowly, but don't stop at every point. Also, keep it still, or you can overheat your hair. • Finishing Touches Once you are done straightening your hair, switch off the hair brush straightener and leave it to cool before you admire your new look. Lastly, as a final touch, you can add some hairspray to your hair to keep it settled and in place. Vega- the Best Straightening Brush Straightening brush is an easy solution for those who want a fast and simple way to straight hair. We, at Vega, provide an extensive range of the best hair brush for straightening hair. At Vega, we know that everyone dreams of lustrous and fine-looking hair. Therefore, we bring to you an exclusive collection of hair brushes/combs that will solve all your hair problems and let you experiment with different hairstyles. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our online store and grab the best hair brush straightener or any other styling comb now!