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Know What is Hair Clipper & How to Use It

Home hair care may be simple enough to follow, but hairstyling? That's never easy. One common reason is the lack of the right tools!

But do not worry. We will let you in on a secret about a magic tool that will enable you to get the perfect haircut. What is it, you may ask? It is the hair clipper.

What is hair Clipper?

An essential hair styling tool, using a hair clipper, you can get a buzz cut, crew cut, undercut, or fade cut easily at home. You can create your at-home parlor and save time on visiting the salon. Experiment with new looks and choose your personal style. And, to do any job, you need the right tools!

At Vega, we offer our ergonomically designed Hair Clipper, which will beautifully create that look you want for your hair. Its four comb attachments help you style and shape your hair according to the desired length.

Simply knowing what is hair clipping is not enough. You need to understand how to use a hair clipper effectively. In this way, you can ensure that you get the style you want with minimal fuss.

How to Use Hair Clipper?

Read below the steps to understand how to use a hair clipper:

Step 1: Select the Ideal Hair Clipper and Comb Attachment

The first step is to pick a style. Think carefully about the look you want to create your wish to maintain it or change it in the future. If you have a hair clipper with various attachments, then styling your look differently becomes easy.

You can adjust the blade's angle to maintain a uniform length across your whole head if that is the look that you want.

Step 2: Dry Your Hair before Cutting

Note that dripping wet hair is pretty much impossible to cut properly with hair clippers. So, don't even try!  Instead, use a towel to dry your hair first. Don't let the clipper blades come in contact with water to avoid rusting.

Step 3: First Cut

Before cutting, select the attachment as per the required hair length. It will be wise to start using the longest extension for your whole head to prevent slips. Then, you can progress with shorter attachment lengths for the shorter parts of your hairstyle.

Make sure to hold your hair clipper with the blades pointing downwards and the tip of the attachment lightly touching your scalp. A smart move would be to run the hair clipper in the opposite direction to your hair growth. In this way, it will be able to feed as much hair as possible into the clipper blades with each stroke.

Step 4: Keep Hands Steady

Even if you work slowly, cutting your hair will only take a few minutes. But if you rush it, you might have to live with a bad haircut for months. With a steady pace, you can avoid tugging your hair or hitting your scalp and achieve a smooth and even cut. Working across your head in small sections will let you capture and cut all the hair you want.

Step 5: Shape the Nape

Get a clean line at the nape of your neck by removing the attachment and flipping the hair clipper in your hand. Be careful while cutting a line at the back of the neck and around the ears by drawing the clippers downwards from the hairline.

Step 6: Sharpen the Sideburns

For a clean and complete look, make sure to create razor-sharp sideburns. You can start by cutting a line across the bottom of each. Use a mirror to make sure that they are of even lengths. In case you have facial hair below the sideburns, use an attachment to provide a smooth transition from the sideburns to the beard.

Step 7: Clean the Hair Clipper

An essential step for the maintenance of the hair clipper is cleaning it after each use. Brush the blades free of hair and disinfect them with alcohol. This will only take a few seconds in return for years of trouble-free trimming and styling.

Hair Clipper: Essential Tool for Men's Grooming Kit

After knowing what a hair clipper is and how you can use it, style your hair the way, you want to. Visit our website and buy a premium quality hair trimmer. Get stylish haircuts with ease and at home!