Learn Beauty Basics with the Right Make-up Brushes

Learn Beauty Basics with the Right Make-up Brushes

Make-up enhances the complete look of a person, making him/her look attractive and catching everyone’s attention. To look good, we follow all the make-up trends that become trending on Instagram reels, however, it takes some time to settle with what we want.

You can buy expensive make-up products but having the right tool for the application holds equal significance. And, that’s why having the right make-up brushes becomes so important for make-up to look good on you. Having the right brush for every product can make even minimal make-up look incredible. For everyone who is picking up the basics of make-up and beauty, VEGA has all the budget-friendly make-up brushes that you will need in near future.

Which Make-Up Brushes to Buy First?

To build one’s make-up brush collection, you should invest in quality brushes that have longevity, suits your skin, and help with getting the flawless make-up look. Each make-up brush has its specialization and is used specifically for an impeccable look. Let’s dive into the world of make-up brushes to polish up one’s make-up skills.

Foundation Brush

Applying Foundation is one of the first steps. Using a Foundation Brush gives an even and natural finish to the face. Using the foundation brush avoids makeup becoming cakey and gives an airbrush finish.

When to Use?

To apply liquid or creamy foundation, blush or setting powder

How to Use?

Take the foundation in your hands or apply directly on the face. Next, take the foundation brush and start using it gently in the circular motion to get maximum coverage. To blend the foundation properly, ensure using the brush in an outward direction in smooth and even strokes. The best part of using a foundation brush is that foundation or any liquid beauty product blends seamlessly with the skin without giving harsh lines.

Powder Brush

We all know that sweaty or oily skin often ruins the make-up and that’s where setting powder does its magic. To set the make-up and avoid sweat from smearing the look, use a powder brush to apply setting powder all over your face.

When to Use It?

Use for applying the loose powder and setting the make-up.

How to Use it?

Using the powder brush is the most convenient thing ever! Tap off the excess powder and start applying using sweeping strokes on cheekbones and blend properly. The brush has soft and synthetic bristles used for applying setting powder to get a soft and matte finish.

Blush Brush

A Blush Brush is made up of long and soft bristles. The hair of these brushes is fluffier and has a round or oval-shaped brush head, helping with the even application of powder and blush.

When to Use?

To apply bronzer, blush, or powder

How to Use?

Start by adding the blush on the apple of the cheeks. Later, start blending in the upward direction towards the ears.

Eye Liner Brush

An eyeliner brush is a straight brush with a small and pointed tip, and is perfect for drawing thin lines. Using the pointed tip of the eyeliner brush helps in making straight lines or wings, giving a dramatic look to the eyes.

When to Use?

Can be used to apply liquid eyeliner or kohl

How to Use?

Applying eyeliner requires a lot of patience and practice. But using an eyeliner brush for high precision lines always makes things easy. Just take the brush, dip it in the liquid eyeliner and start gliding carefully on the eyelids or below the waterline.

Lip liner and Lip Filler Brush

Vibrant shades of lipstick are such a mood lifter. And to apply lipstick and lip-gloss all over the lips, you need to draw the lines first and then fill the lipstick. The tapered tip of the Lip Liner gives defined and clean results, especially if you are applying dark and bright colors.

When to Use?

While applying liquid lipstick or lip- gloss

How to Use?

Before applying the lipstick, take the lip liner and draw lines on the natural lip line. Once finished, fill in the lips with the help of the favorite shades of lipstick. Also, you can use the lip liner as impromptu lipstick just in case you forgot to bring your lipstick.