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Love that salon smooth straight hair? Now Get it At Home!

Love that salon smooth straight hair? Now Get it At Home!

Having sleek, straight hair is a timeless and coveted look that never goes out of style. With the new Vega Salon Smooth Hair Straightener in an ethereal green body, we bring to you that alluring straight hair at the comfort of your home without spending a hefty at the salon. If you are a lover of straight hair, we will guide you through the steps to effortlessly transform your hair into a glossy, straight masterpiece within minutes.

The Power of Ceramic-Coated Floating Plates:

ceramic coated plates

The new hair straightener boasts ceramic-coated floating plates, a feature that plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional results. The ceramic coating ensures an even distribution of heat, minimizing the risk of hot spots. The floating plates gives the plates flexibility to easily tilt at varying angles and prevent snagging and tangling to help glide down the plates super smooth, ensuring that each strand is treated uniformly.

Maximum Temperature of 210°C:

Woman using straightener

The hair straightener's impressive maximum temperature of 210°C is a game-changer for those seeking salon-quality results at home. This temperature setting allows for efficient and effective straightening, for all hair types. It's essential, however, to opt for a heat-protective serum like the Vega Nature Care Hair Serum to shield your hair from potential heat-related woes. It features the goodness of 5 active ingredients-Bhringraj, Olive, Amla, Vitamin E, and Castor Oil. It is the perfect hair serum for Women and Men for protection from 5 visible signs of damaged hair: Hair fall, dry hair, rough hair, dull hair and split ends. This hair serum for frizzy hair adds shine while also shielding your locks from external aggressors like heat styling tools. The best part is, it also protects from pollution and harmful UV rays.

Step-by-Step Guide to Salon Smooth Straight Hair:



Achieving that desired salon finish with Vega's Salon Smooth Hair Straightener is a breeze. Follow these steps for flawless results:

Prepare Your Hair: Start by washing and conditioning your hair using products suitable for your hair type. Towel-dry your hair and apply the Vega Nature Care Hair Serum.

Section Your Hair: Divide your hair into manageable sections using hair clips. This ensures that you can work systematically through your hair, straightening each section thoroughly.

Straighten Each Section: Take a section of hair, roughly an inch wide, and clamp the straightener few inches away from the roots. The hair straightener features an on/off indicator light for further conveninece. Now gently glide the straightener down the length of the hair, maintaining a steady but not too slow pace. Repeat for each section, ensuring each strand is straightened from root to tip. The 360° Swivel Cord rotates conveniently to avoid unnecessary tangles.

Finishing Touches: Run your fingers through your hair to create a natural, flowy effect. You can also use you a paddle brush in the end to make sure you get a smooth finish.  

Travel-friendly option: To add to its praises the hair straightener comes with easy travel lock for safety and convenience of storage while you are on the go and want to take your favorite straightener with you.

The Attractive Green Aesthetic

Let’s not miss out on talking about one of the best aspects of this hair straightener- the striking green hue. Let’s accept the fact that colors do play a pivotal role when it comes to styling products. This green hue exudes nothing but luxury and sophistication at an unbelievable price, which also makes it an amazing gift item for your style enthusiast friend or relative. 


If you are still searching for a good quality hair straightener in an affordable price, this is where you can end your search. The hair straightener price given its offerings will leave you startled. With the new Vega Salon Smooth Hair Straightener, you can confidently transform your hair into a glossy masterpiece, exuding elegance and style. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to a world of endless hair possibilities with Vega.