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Make-Up Brush Sets for Every Beauty Lover

Make-Up Brush Sets for Every Beauty Lover

Almost every woman is an avid lover when it comes to beauty and make-up. But very few know the art of creating flawless make-up that stays throughout on the face without excusing yourself for touch-ups. And if you feel miserable due to failed attempts of creating a long-lasting make-up look then maybe the missing element is not in your make-up kit but the brushes you use. At VEGA, there are unlimited options available in every type of make-up brush that you would need. And the most economical way to possess the best make-up brushes is to invest in one whole set. Without beating around the bush, the following Make-Up Brush Guide will help you to choose the appropriate VEGA make-up brush set for yourself.

VEGA Make-Up Brush Sets that you can own

Set of 5 Make-Up Brushes (RV-05)

If you are a layman in the world of make-up then investing in this basic make-up brush set is all you need. Even if you stick to the rule of minimal make-up, you need each brush specifically made for every beauty product. This set includes Lip Liner Brush for creating an outline on the lips before applying lip color. It also has a Lip Filler for even application of lipstick, Eye Applicator for creating smoke eye look or to blend the eye shadow and eyeliner. Moreover, it also has an eye shadow brush for applying eye shadow and if you love that pinkish glow on your cheekbones then go for its blush brush too.

Set of 6 Make-Up Brushes (MBS-06)

Another addition to the divergent collection of Make-Up Brushes is set of 6 make-up brushes consisting Lip Liner, Blush Brush, Eye Groomer, Lip Filler, Eye Applicator, Eye Shadow brush. If make-up is your guilty pleasure then these 6 brushes will be your right partners in make-up and give you mesmerizing looks each time. Use the Blush Brush for that soft glow on cheeks, Eye Groomer to comb and arrange your brows, Lip Filler for easy application of lipstick without flaking, Eye applicator to give your eyes a smudged look, and eye shadow brush to compliment eyelids with amazing colors and to give dimensions to your eyes.

Set of 5 Make-Up Brushes (MBS-05)

The purpose of every make-up brush is different and this set does whole justice to all the major parts of your face. This set has a Powder brush, Eye Groomer, Eye Applicator, Lip brush, Eye shadow (medium). Powder brush is best suited to apply lose powder, Eye Groomer will give a defined look to your eyebrows before you make them bold, eye applicator to pay all attention to your eyes with Smokey look and lip brush to blend your lip liner to draw outlines and lipstick. Also, Eye Shadow brush can again be used for making eyes look more noticeable.

Set of 4 Make-Up Brushes (EVS-04)

This compact yet efficient set of make-up brushes has a blush brush with natural hair to blend powder or blush, Eye shadow brush for even application, and a blending of eye shadow. Also, lip filler to apply lipstick or lip liner for smudge-free lips and an eyeliner brush to get those perfect wings of eyeliner.

Now that you know things right about makeup brush guide for beginners, don’t keep your shopping cart waiting. Happy Shopping!