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How to Make Messy Ponytail in Easy Steps

How to Make Messy Ponytail in Easy Steps

When we talk about hairstyles, it is something which showcases our personality and current mood. We choose our hairstyle according to our looks and the place we are heading. We usually try different outfits just to nail our look for the day and break the daily monotony by trying something new. And now is the time when we are going to bring new add-on to our wardrobe and some different looks as its festive time.


In this festive mood, we all want to go carefree and enjoy our best and so should be your hairdo. The messy hairstyle itself defines a carefree attitude creating right fashion and style in terms of looks. “Embrace messy hair, they are the latest trend.” One of the easiest and quirky hairstyles that you need to try is Messy Pony Tail. From straight to curly this hairdo will work best for every hair type and will complete your look without any extra efforts in just 2 minutes.


Easy Steps To Follow:


  • Detangle your hair with our VEGA Paddle Brush.
  • Take all your hair on top together and secure it with a hair tie.
  • Now very swiftly take out a small section of your hair from the ponytail.
  • Now wrap this small section of hair around your ponytail.
  • Your next step is to secure it well with a hairpin.
  • Next and last step is to pull out some hair from the front to give it a messy look.


It’s time to check out the mirror and praise yourself for your perfect look.