Facebook Pixel Must-Know Tips to Use a Hair Brush for Every Hair Type in a Right Way

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Must-Know Tips to Use a Hair Brush for Every Hair Type in a Right Way

Must-Know Tips to Use a Hair Brush for Every Hair Type in a Right Way

If you think, brushing or combing hair is such a basic job that you do countless times in the whole day. However, you probably never knew that there could be a wrong way to do something as simple as brushing your hair. Sadly, almost all of us make mistakes while brushing our hair and this often leads to damaging our hair strands. Hair Brushes for Women are one of the major styling essentials that are majorly found in every girl’s beauty stash. However, most of us often make mistakes of using hair brushes by unknowingly using them in the wrong way. 

Hair brushes are available in different variations and materials and are aimed at one particular type of hair. Even if we possess expensive styling products for our hair, it’s of no use if you don’t have the right hair brush in your hand that suits your hair texture and styling needs. To style your hair to perfection, we need the correct hair brush that is appropriate for that particular hair type. Different brushes have different types of bristles, design, and handle. The question here is whether you are following the correct way or not! To find more, scroll on the following article. 

Hair Brushing Guide to Use in a Right Way

Start From the Bottom 

If you are brushing your hair from top to bottom, you need to stop it right away. Using the brush from the scalp area and going downwards can cause a lot of damage to the hair strands. To avoid this, you should always begin untangling hair knots on the tips, and once finished, slowly move upwards. Brushing or combing hair from the roots to the ends results in more knots and tangles and takes more time in brushing the knots and frizz. 

Use Right Hair Brush for Your Hair Type

All the hair brushes that we see in the market are not created equal nor are the hair types. Hence, it is important to identify your hair type and then splurge on the Hair Brush Online. For example, if you are planning to blow dry your hair with the help of a hair dryer then use a round brush for the right volume and bounce in the hair. Secondly, if your hair is sleek or fine-textured then you would need a flat brush. For hair that is prone to frizziness, you would need a cushion brush that has round-tipped bristles and helps to massage the scalp, and eliminates snags, tangles, and frizziness. 

Avoid Using Brush on Wet Hair


Should we comb or brush our wet hair? This is one of the most common concerns we all have for our precious hair. It doesn’t matter how you style your hair, what matters is not using a hair brush on wet hair because it is prone to breakage and damage. The best time to use the Women’s Hair Brush on hair is when it is fully dry. If you are in a jiffy then you can take the help of a hair dryer to blow dry the wet strands! Probably this is the only heat styling tool that should be used in conjunction with dampening hair. Even best if you have some time in your hand then let your hair air dry for some time and then slowly divide the hair into sections and dry your hair so that the remaining moisture in the strands gets absorbed. 

Pick a Hair Brush with Smooth Bristles


A healthy scalp is the key to nourished and beautiful hair and this is why you should use a hair brush that is gentle on the scalp. Before picking any type of hair brush, test and examine the bristles to ensure it is not hard. If your hair is somewhere between frizzy and rough, we recommend you choose Vega Paddle Hair Brush which is ideal for daily styling, smoothing, and adding shine to dull hair. These brushes have ball-tipped bristles that stimulate the scalp and also deliver massaging effect to the scalp while styling. These brushes are ergonomically designed to reduce snags and tangles and also provide great comfort to the hands while gliding. 

Sometimes few things that sound simple and basic are the toughest to decode. Similarly, choosing the right hair brush and following the right steps to brush hair can be overwhelming if we don’t know where to begin from. This blog is going to be helpful for those who are struggling to find the correct way to use hair brush for daily styling and grooming.