Only Tricks You Need for Beautiful Eyebrows

Only Tricks You Need for Beautiful Eyebrows

Before stepping out of home, our basic beauty and grooming routine mainly revolves around subtle make-up, well-ironed clothes, matching footwear, and a decent hairstyle. But one beauty ritual that most of us forget is shaping the eyebrows. We can’t deny that a well-shaped and properly groomed eyebrow accentuates the whole face. With staying indoors, DIY-grooming and styling have made a priority in the to-do list of people, and shaping the eyebrows at home has become easier and more popular simultaneously.

Easy Tips to Groom Eyebrows At Home

Take Shower before Tweezing

If you feel pain while plucking the eyebrows then always ensure tweezing the brows after taking a shower. To make the whole process of grooming eyebrows painless, consider using the Tweezer after a hot shower. The lukewarm water opens the hair follicles and lets the hair be pulled out easily. The best time to groom your brows is after a shower as it makes the hair soft and smooth.

Draw an Outline on the Brows

Before plucking the eyebrows, brush the hair upward and outward and then outline the specific shape that you want. Determining the correct shape plays a key role in accentuating the look of brows and brightening up the face. Take a brow pencil and align it with the eyebrow pattern and create an arch to define the shape you want. Outlining and drawing the shape helps to identify the outgrown hair that needs to be removed.

Choose the Right Tweezer

Getting rid of unwanted and overgrown eyebrow hair becomes easy if you have the right Tweezer. For beginners, it is important to pick a Tweezer that has a smooth grip and does not require extra precision. VEGA Rubber Grip Tweezer is our top pick for all beginners as it has a hand-filed tip and a non-slip grip which makes it perfect for DIY hair plucking easier.

Don’t Over-pluck the Eyebrows

While removing the unwanted hair, be careful so that you don’t over-pluck the eyebrows. Tweezing is quick and convenient to remove the outgrow hair but consider the hair pattern and brow thickness before you start plucking.

Avoid Digging Tweezer into the Skin

If the eyebrow hair is fine and thin then be careful while plucking the hair. It gets hard to get hold of the small and fine hair and while doing so, the tip of the Tweezer gets into the skin. Hence choose a Tweezer that is made up finest quality stainless steel, comes with a smooth tip, and provides smooth and easy hair pulling.

And that’s all. Some practice, patience, and using the right pair of tools will help you to get the desired eyebrows that you have been yearning for!