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Pedicure Tools for Beautiful Feet Experience

Pedicure Tools for Beautiful Feet Experience

Dapper feet and glowing skin always works like magic to boost confidence and that does not even require going to salons! And to spill the beans, all you need to do is a DIY pedicure session using Pedicure Tools. Due to the pandemic, still lots of women are apprehensive about visiting salons and, with overburdened work responsibilities, often everything starts getting under the skin. This is when pampering yourself at home with a pedicure session will give you some ‘me’ time and also make you feel good about yourself.

VEGA Pedicure Tools to Add to your Kit

Here are few listed items that will make your Pedicure session amazing!

Pumice Stone

This pedicure stone is designed exclusively to rub on elbows and knees and get rid of hard or dry skin and calluses.

Foot Brush

Dark or patchy skin would make anyone feel like throwing up. And hence, a foot brush is recommended that provides a strong grip to hands while holding and rubbing on feet. It removes clogged dirt and dead skin easily.

Foot File

Foot File gives cushion-like smooth feet just like the ones you get after a salon session. You can use it under the feet and remove dead layers of skin and calluses. You can explore foot file that is dual-sided and can be used both on dry and wet skin.

Foot Scrubber

Foot Scrubber is best used for scrubbing the feet against the rough skin and the results are smooth and beautiful. And using VEGA 4 in 1 Foot Scrubber will suit all skin types and give a painless experience.

Nail File and Nail Clipper

Nail files and clippers are mandatory after cleaning your toe and fingernails to maintain personal hygiene. Once done with foot scrubbing, you can give shape to your nails and use a nail clipper to cut down the outgrown nails.

How to Do Pedicure Yourself?

Prep the Nails

Take any nail paint remover and use cotton pads to remove faded old nail paint. Also cut down the nails if required and remove all the clogged dirt around. Moreover, you can also add shape to your nails using a filer.

Soak Feet in Warm Water

Fill up a bucket or tub with lukewarm water, add shampoo or essential oil as per your preference and then soak your feet in it to give yourself some relaxation. After 15-20 minutes, you can remove your feet and towel dry using a soft towel.

Scrub your Feet

Use a foot file or pumice stone to scrub the skin softly in every corner and remove all the dead skin. Moreover, you can remove dead skin from the corners of the toenails and let it grow naturally.

Apply a Moisturizer and Flaunt the Nail Paint

Wipe your feet after scrubbing and apply any moisturizer to make the skin smooth and hydrating. And in the end, take any shade of nail paint and add colors to your toenails to make your feet look more glowing and beautiful.

Now don’t wait up, try Pedicure Tool Sets and flaunt your feet under the sun!