Personal Guide to Picking the Best Hair Dryer in 2022

Personal Guide to Picking the Best Hair Dryer in 2022

Leaving home with damp hair might make you feel cool and relaxed as you are fresh out of the shower but soon it gets frizzy after drying. Moving around with hair full of knots is surely an unpleasant feeling that we don’t want to face and that’s why, using a Hair Dryer whenever you are in hurry becomes an important post-shower ritual. After all, who doesn’t love a good hair day when you fall in love with your tresses even more? Those freshly blow-dried tresses with no flyways are something we all wish to have and this dream can turn into a sweet reality by using a Hair Dryer. 

The feeling of freshly blow-dried hair is invincible and now it’s possible to get that salon-like-finish even at home. At-home styling has picked up the pace after lockdown and getting those bouncy hair locks has just got easier with our user-friendly VEGA Hair Dryer Range that has something for every hair type, texture, and budget. 

What Makes a Hair Dryer Top-Rated in 2022?

Grip of the Hair Dryer 

While choosing the Best Hair Dryer to give your hair the best blow drying experience, always look for a gripped handle handle. Depending upon the heating technology and other adjoining features, few hair dryers can weigh heavier or are designed with a bigger handle. If your hair is thick and voluminous, you might need to hold it for a longer time and it could make your arms strain. Hence always check the handle of the dryers before purchasing. Prefer buying handheld hair dryers similar to the newly launched VEGA Glow Glam 1000W Hair Dryer that come in a compact size, are lightweight and can be folded conveniently. This hair dryer can easily be carried while traveling. 

Customised Heat Settings

Heat Settings play a crucial role in how hot the hair dryer can get and how faster it dries the wet hair. Therefore always pick a hair dryer that offers sufficient wattage and heat which is suitable for your hair type. If your hair is thin and with fine texture, you don’t require a Hair Dryer with high temperature. Similarly, if your hair is coarse and thick, then it needs a high-power hair dryer. For blow-drying hair with minimum damage, it is advised to keep the heat on moderate settings.

Nozzle Attachment

Having a nozzle attachment is another important requirement that makes a hair dryer efficient. Having a nozzle helps to concentrate the airflow and heat in one uniform direction ensuring even heat distribution and seamless blow-drying. Look out for a Hair Dryer with a detachable nozzle as it helps to eliminate the frizz and gives smooth and silky hair after drying. And these are a few prime reasons why a concentrator nozzle comes along with the Hair Drying Machine.

Use of Technology

There are different types of hair dryers available and can be differentiated based on the technology being used. To outline which one is the best suited for you depends on your hair type. To clear up the confusion on which one is the perfect pick depends on your requirement. While hunting for the right hair dryer for your hair, always consider something that quickly dries the mane, makes it look shiny, moisturized, and keeps your hairstyle locked for hours.

Additional Safety Settings

Apart from the heat settings and drying features, there are other adjustments and features which are countable when choosing the right drying tool. To get a nicely finished blowout, you need to give enough time to every hair section. For that precise styling, one major concern that we all have is heat damage. Fortunately, there are several hair dryers like VEGA Style Pro 1000W Hair Dryer that come with a safety automatic overheat cut out that shuts off the tool after reaching a specific heat temperature.

Having the right hair dryer makes all the difference not only during the hairstyling but also in keeping the hair locks sealed for a long time!