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Quick Hairstyles for Women Who are Always Late

Quick Hairstyles for Women Who are Always Late

Turning up late anywhere on the pretext of taking time to get ready is a common occurrence in our lives, blame the stubborn mane that refuses to settle down! As a girl, you might be falling head over heels for your set hair one day and the other day, you even don’t feel like seeing yourself in the mirror. Hair has its mood and the relationship a girl shares with her hair is sweet and sour.

But now is the time we stop procrastinating about running late every time because of one’s hair and learn a few hacks to style hair quickly. We have got you covered with the trendiest hairstyles for every woman who lags behind her day because of her hair. Now step out confidently with the help of these quick hairdo ideas that are going to make the life of a fussy girl easier.

Hair Fashion that You Can’t Say No To

Loose Braids

Those days when you don’t feel like doing anything fancy to your hair, loose braids come to the rescue and you can easily pull off the entire look. All you need is a right hair comb with fine bristles and some hair ties and you are all set. You can use VEGA Tail Comb with the long tail and fine teeth that make hair styling quite convenient. Just make partitions in your hair taking small sections that can be done with the long tail of the comb. Now start braiding your hair the way you want, be it neat plates or messy braid, and sport your cool look all day.

Straight Pony Tool

Straight hair has been every woman’s dream hair and we all lust for soft, poker straight fine hair. And another added benefit of having straight hair is that you can style it the way you want to. For achieving that finished look of a straight ponytail, you just need a few minutes and you are all set. VEGA Hair Straighteners straighten hair with ease and give that smooth and shiny texture to the mane. Simply straighten your hair and then take all your hair to one side and tie a tight ponytail. You can make a high pony or simply leave it loose on the shoulders.

High Bun

We have those days when you have skipped the morning alarm set to wash your greasy hair and had to compromise with a bun. But making buns in greasy or oily hair can be a style quotient too using VEGA Hair Brush. But if you can manage, simply wash your hair and quickly blow dry it using VEGA Hair Dryer and detangle the knots using the hair brush with soft bristles. To get that neat bun, VEGA Hair Dryer and Hair Brush are at your rescue always. Now be that cool chick in summer with a comfortable yet stylish hairdo.

Front Hair Braids with Curly Hair

Plain curly hair might become too boring. However, for last minute hairdo, you can always braid your crown area and make it look fancier and prettier. For getting the curls of your choice be it soft ones or spiral curls, VEGA Hair Curler is at your service which gives instant curls with its chrome plates having a ceramic coating.

Now don’t wait and try these fabulous hairstyles with VEGA Hair Tools that is every girl’s partner is styling.