Guide on How to Choose the Right Hair Brush

Guide on How to Choose the Right Hair Brush

Someone has very correctly said, “Invest in your hair, it’s a crown that no one is going to take off from you.” Your desire for perfect hair is the one that motivates you every day to take good care of your hair. Every third woman existing on this planet desires to have long and straight hair but maintaining them well is not an easy game. And giving you a reality check will make you realize that in your beauty product wish list, hairbrushes are at the bottom.

Oiling, Washing, Conditioning, and Styling all are important to maintaining your hair but choosing the right brush for your hair type is one of the most important things which we usually compromise. Every hair type needs a different kind of hairbrush and VEGA has a wide range of hairbrushes – Paddle, Cushion, Flat, Round, Hot Curl, and Compact Hairbrushes.

Why Choose Paddle Hair Brush?

Among all the hairbrushes the best one which suits long and thick hair is Paddle Hair Brush and VEGA is here with 19 unique paddle brushes in different colors, finishes, and handles.

Paddle hair brushes usually come in square shape and are designed with flexible bristles with ball tips that easily penetrate the hair, massage the scalp and reduce snags and breakage. They are ideal for de-tangling, smoothening, and adding shine to your hair creating a sleek straight look.

Long And Thick Hair Care Tips:

  • Paddle brush works well for detangling dry hair.
  • Paddle Brush will help in creating a smooth and straight look for you.
  • Choose a wider brush for thick hair.
  • If you have long hair then you should divide your hair in two equal parts and then start brushing your hair from root to tip. Never backcomb your hair.
  • Avoid brushing your hair when they are wet.

Make your hair happier, shinier and loved like never before with Vega.