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Whether she is a working woman doing 9 to 6 or simply a homemaker, each one of them yearns for gorgeous and pretty hair and for that, dedicates her time and money both in hair salons. But this myth needs to be busted that for good hair, you need expensive hair styling tools and hair care products. Because the fact is choosing the right hair brush is more important than buying unnecessary hair products.

How to choose the right hair brush?

It’s never too late to pick up the pace and you can still get back in the hair fashion game by laying hands on the right hair brush. VEGA is a trustworthy brand that has a vibrant range of hair brushes for straight, curly, and thick hair types. Name the hair texture and you will find the right type of VEGA Hair brush in a blink exclusively designed for all hair textures.

Types of VEGA Hair Brush for every hair type

Paddle Hair Brush

No matter if it's a girl or a guy, a paddle brush is a right partner in hair care for everyone. This hair brush offers the right grip and tames the messed-up hair. The soft nylon / wooden bristles made up of ball tips, give a nice massage along and tangle hair locks. Moreover, it straightens strands making it smoother and shinier than before.

Cushion Hair Brush

Snuggling with a cushion after a long day feels so relaxing right? Putting the same concept in hair brushes, the VEGA Cushion Hair Brush will give similar essence, as you stroke it gently on your hair. The nylon bristles with ball tips help to penetrate the hair roots deeply and will give a serene and tranquil feeling. Doesn’t matter if someone has long or short hair, everyone can invest in the right cushion hair brush to feel the scalp being massaged.

Round Hair Brush

A round hair brush is the next thing you should add to your daily hair care routine to make hair look voluminous. For that transition to tight or thick curls, a round hair brush is a right call you should make. The ball tips will give a gentle massage to the hair along with the curls. Moreover, bouncy hairstyles and hair massage can go hand in hand.

Flat Hair Brush

Having a flat hair brush is the need of the hour. It will segregate the intertwined hair knots as it has flexible bristles. Irrespective of gender, anyone can use this hair brush to settle the frizz and add shine to the hair strands. Now whether you cut your hair short or have Rapunzel hair, a flat hair brush will forever be with you.

What is the right way to use a Hair Brush?

Knowing about Hair Brush types and the right way to use them, both hold equal contribution to healthy and beautiful hair. Scroll down if nobody guided you on how to use a hair brush.

  • Always apply a serum before brushing hair, especially after a fresh shower.
  • Next, depending upon the hair volume, divide your hair into two-three sections for better brushing. You can pick one section each at a time.
  • Make sure your hair is detangled and then stroke a hair brush to tame small locks.
  • Continue running the hair brush till the hair doesn’t feel smooth and shiny.