Facebook Pixel SmartOne Series Beard Trimmer for Men Who Like It Smart

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SmartOne Series Beard Trimmer for Men Who Like It Smart

SmartOne Series Beard Trimmer for Men Who Like It Smart

It comes as no surprise to see that women are the largest demographic in personal care. However, as we inch closer towards unisex beauty and personal care practices, it’s time to turn the tables and encourage men to prioritize their grooming needs. With the huge lifestyle shift, men are accepting more wellness-focused self-care trends. They are highly resonated with simplified beard, hair and skin grooming routines and easy-to-use personal grooming appliances that give an on-the-go flawless look. 

Today’s youngsters are on the threshold of beginning their grooming journey and believe in taking the control of their personal care and styling regime. VEGA connects on their level and has expanded its male grooming product offering with the launch of SmartOne Series Beard Trimmers; the latest addition to the beard trimmer category. These new beard trimmers are innovated and designed keeping in mind the grooming needs of Gen Z males. The brand has also launched its first-ever ad film on beard trimmer with a game-changing ‘India Karega GIY’ campaign featuring Rohit Sharma in an uber-lifestyle avatar. The S1 and S2 series of beard trimmers combine ease of use with a stylish look, are technologically advanced, and offer smart memory functions with 3 unique speed modes

VEGA SmartOne Series Beard Trimmers at a Glance

SmartOne Series- S1 Beard Trimmer (VHTH-30)

A well-groomed beard makes you well prepared for all occasions whether it’s an interview or a social gathering. VEGA SmartOne Series S1 Beard Trimmer paves way for a smarter world of grooming and trimming. To shape your beard with precision and style, it features a smart memory function that memorizes your last used speed setting. This trimmer for men comes with 3 unique speed settings- low (light blue), medium (green) and high (dark blue) along with that, it has 2 comb attachments and 40 length settings (0.5 mm-20 mm). This beard trimmer is equipped with skin-friendly titanium blades and also offers 10 minutes runtime with 5 minutes quick charge. For longer trimming sessions, it provides 120 minutes of runtime with 90 minutes of charge offering flawless performance. Whether you want a quick daily trim or weekly beard grooming sessions, SmartOne Beard Trimmer comes in handy. It is ergonomically designed, can be used as both cord and cordless, and also powered by additional features like a travel lock, IPX 7 waterproof and digital display. 

SmartOne Series-S2 Beard Trimmer (VHTH-31) 

Looking for smart and convenient ways to make your at-home grooming easier? SmartOne Series-S2 Beard Trimmer is the solution to your entire beard grooming needs and caters to simplifying your beard styling routine. This versatile beard trimmer is the definite frontrunner with its smart memory function that remembers your last used setting. What makes it more desirable is its impressive 3 speed settings- low (light blue), medium (green) and high (dark blue). It gives a well-trimmed beard look with 2 comb attachments and 40 length settings (0.5 mm-20 mm). It is ergonomically crafted for easy trimming and gives classy look with its skin-friendly titanium blades. The beard trimmer provides 5 minutes quick charge with 10 minutes runtime and 160 minutes runtime by charging for 90 minutes. It gives precise trim with additional features like a travel lock, IPX 7 waterproof, and a digital display. Moreover, the cord and cordless use make it a total must-have. 

What Makes the VEGA SmartOne Beard Trimmer the Best?

  • Smart Memory Function - Offers the ultimate precision and personalized use by storing previously used speed settings. 
  • Unique Speed Settings- Delivers customized trimming sessions with 3 speed settings- low (light blue), medium (green) and high (dark blue). 

  • Skin-Friendly Titanium Blades- The trimmer comes with titanium blades that offer superior cutting performance and remain sharp for a longer time. 
  • Digital Display/ Indicator Lights- It offer better control over the device while trimming. 
  • Quick Charge- Provides 10 minutes runtime with quick charge in 5 minutes. 

  • Length Settings Comes with 2 comb attachments and 40 length settings (0.5 mm to 20 mm) to ensure smooth cutting and customized beard length.
  • Charging Time- Charging time of 90 minutes gives 160 minutes of runtime.
  • Travel Lock- Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to lock and unlock.
  • IPX 7 Waterproof- Fully washable and can easily be cleaned after use.

  • Usage- Can be used both as a cord and cordless.

VEGA SmartOne Series Beard Trimmer is a must-have in every man’s grooming arsenal. Now Groom it Yourself and experience the combined joy of quick and smart beard styling. Go add to your cart and order now!