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Smooth Hair with X -Star Hair Straightening Brush

Smooth Hair with X -Star Hair Straightening Brush

Smooth Hair with X -Star Hair Straightening Brush


Every woman has a thing for silky, smooth hair that falls off her shoulder freely. For every millennial woman who is a beauty nerd for daily styling and grooming, a Hair Straightening Brush can make her life so much better! If you are in the search of a conventional and easy-to-use hair styling tool to fix the frizzy hair and straighten the hair locks that also brush the locks smoothly, VEGA X Star Hair Straightening Brush is your new partner in style. To get frizz-free and straight hair with ease at home, all you need is VEGA X-Star Hair Straightening Brush. 


Detailed Features of VEGA X-Star Hair Straightening Brush


Anti-Frizz and Anti-Scald Technology 


This hair straightening brush offers the dual benefit of anti-frizz and anti-scald technology. Anti-frizz technology helps to smoothen the frizzy texture of the hair giving smooth and silky hair locks. The anti-scald technology ensures uniform heat temperature protecting the scalp from heat. 


Non-Stagging Teeth with Ceramic Coating 


The soft bristles of the hair straightening brush are made up of non Stagging teeth that glide smoothly on the hair without any hustle. The ceramic coating of the hair straightening brush maintains the even heat temperature eliminating the frizz from the hair and maintaining the shine and smoothness. 


Light Weight Design 


This Hair straightening brush is light weight and compact. The sleek design of the hair brush helps the user to carry it everywhere and enables easy use and storage. 


Thermo Protect Technology 


VEGA X-Star Hair Straightening Brush comes with thermo-protect technology that enables you to style your hair the way you want and protect your hair from heat.


Adjustable Temperature Settings 


The adjustable temperature settings give the accessibility to the users to set the temperature from 80 degrees to 230 degrees for the perfect sleek and smooth hair for all hair types. 


LED Temperature Display 


The digital display lets you set the required temperature setting and give you personalized and better control. 


360 Degree Swivel Cord 


This hair straightening brush has a 360-degree swivel cable that avoids tangled wires and ensures hassle-free hair styling. 


Benefits of Using VEGA X-Star Hair Straightening Brush


  • VEGA X-Star Hair Straightening Brush offers two benefits of styling plus care. You can simply plug it and brush your hair and straighten them at the same time. The soft bristles of the hair brush glide smoothly without pulling the hair or causing any damage. 
  • X-Star Straightening Brush is portable and compact. The lightweight design makes it easy to use, carry and store at the user’s convenience. 


  • You can choose the temperature settings as per your requirement. X-Star Hair Straightening Brush can reach up to the maximum temperature of 230 degrees and can also be used at the minimum temperature of 80 degrees.



  • This hair straightening brush ensures even heat distribution without causing heat damage to the scalp and brushes the locks smoothly giving naturally straight hair in a few minutes. 


And that’s all! Owning a hair straightening brush is no less than an asset for every girl who loves styling her hair. VEGA X-Star Hair Straightening Brush caters to all such needs and suits every hair type!