Facebook Pixel Step-By-Step Guide to Clean Hair Brush with Ease

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Step-By-Step Guide to Clean Hair Brush with Ease

Step-By-Step Guide to Clean Hair Brush with Ease

Keeping Hair Brushes clean is just as important as investing in one! The right Hair Brush Set helps to detangle the knots and add shine and volume but, a clean Hair Brush keeps the hair healthy and ensures personal hygiene. In addition, using a clean Brush for detangling or styling maintains hair's original shine, bounce, and keeps the locks nourished from the roots.

Maintaining the habit of cleaning Hair Brush on regular basis can actually save us from common major hair issues and increases their longevity. A dirty Hair Brush easily traps all types of gunk, dirt, oil, and other residues and if you put the same brush back in the clean hair, it leads to an itchy and greasy scalp resulting in dandruff. Now that you know, how important it is to keep them clean, here’s a detailed guide on how to clean Hair Brushes the right way sitting at home.

The Correct Way to Clean Hair Brush

Hair Brush

Remove the Stray Hair from the Brush

 While stroking Hair Brush, a few strands often get stuck in the bristles and go unnoticed. Now that you are behind cleaning your dirty Brush, start with removing the strands one by one. You can use a spare toothbrush, toothpick, or VEGA Tail Comb that comes with a long pointed end to pull the hair. Turn the Hair Brush upside down and also thoroughly clean all the dust particles, grime, and other things.

Start Washing in Lukewarm Water

In the next step, fill a container with lukewarm water and add any mild shampoo to the bowl. Mix the shampoo in the water thoroughly and dip the dirty Hair Brushes in the soapy water and swirl it 2-3 times. Use your hands to spread the foam on the bristles and let it remain soaked for some time. This will gradually release the trapped debris including dirt, oil, and all the hair build-up.

Use a Clean Toothbrush for Gentle Cleaning

Remove the soaked Hair Brush from water and clean its bristles with an old toothbrush scrubbing it with light hands. You can also massage the tips of the brush till it does not get rid of the dirt and greasiness. Once the bristles get rid of the residue, it’s time to rinse the brush in clean water. Place the Hair Brush under the running tap water and clean till no excess shampoo or foam remains. Shake it well to let the excess water dry so that no moisture remains. Leave it in a cool and dry place with bristles on the top.

How Often We Should Clean a Hair Brush?

Hair Brush can get dirty faster than other Beauty Accessories Products as we use them regularly and repeatedly. Clumps of broken hair, oil, and dirt or scalp build-up get collected in the bristle s which should be cleaned from time to time. You can give them a thorough clean once a week and deep cleaning with water and soap every 2 or 3 weeks. Overall it all depends on the intensity of Hair Accessories or products you use to style the locks. For hassle-free cleaning, keep removing the hair strands that get stuck after every use.

With these easy cleaning hacks, you can make your favorite Hair Brush long-lasting and in the best state to get gorgeous hair every time.