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The Best Hair Styles For Women In 2023 And How To Get Them At Home

The Best Hair Styles For Women In 2023 And How To Get Them At Home

Every year comes with an advancement of style and fashion. Some styles perish while others continue to make a mark for decades. The late 20th century is observing a return of some of the most classic hairstyles from the 90’s and 70’s. Both Hollywood and Bollywood have been drawing attention with some of the most iconic hairstyles inspired from the vintage era. 2023 is amalgamating the sensational modern sleek hairstyles combined with the 80’s volume boost. You must be wondering that one has to spend a hefty in order to achieve these styles. The truth is however different, and you would be surprised to know that it can be easily created at home with the help of simple hair styling appliances like hair straightener and hair curler. Let us walk you through the simple DIY hairstyles that makes you look no less than a diva.

90’s supermodel blowout



Brush your hair with a detangle brush to make sure there are no tugs. Take the front section of your hair and roll it around a Vega hot curl brush. Next use a Vega Glow Glam 1000 W Hair Dryer with nozzle attachment to run over the rolled hair. This attachment helps in precision drying. Wrap the hair around the hair brush and blow dry over the winded hair, making sure that the fringes are bouncy and dry. For adding extra volume, ones you are done with drying, use a hair roller to roll the strands up and pin it. Repeat the same process with other sections of your hair. Use small rollers for smaller section and vice versa. Let the hair rollers sit for 15-30 mins for the hair to set. Next, take off the rollers slowly and get to see glamorous blowouts supermodel hairstyle straight from the 90’s.

The 70’s hair Flip




Divide your hair in sections, take your Vega Self Style Hair Straightener with ceramic coated plates for faster and better distribution of heat and 4 temperature settings to adjust according to hair type. Now all you need to do is take the end of the strands and flip them out and up. Make sure the strands are thin to adjust well in between plates. Now that you have the hair nicely flipped out and curled, take your round hair brush and start brushing it by taking all your hair upside down. Ones you are done brushing all the strands, flip your hair up at least twice to get that 70’s volume boost. The result you get is a glorious looking fluffy hair straight from vintage Hollywood.

Slicked-Back Ponytail



Sleek back ponytail has been in talks for quite sometime now! It represents a very sophisticated and gorgeous hairdo and has been constantly gaining traction. This hairdo has been every celebrity’s pick for special occasions. All you need is Vega Glam-Shine Hair Straightener that features floating plates which makes the hair straightener glide smoothly, prevent tugging and pulling and minimize hair breakage. to help you achieve that poker straight ends, and a paddle brush to sweep back the hair neatly. Keep a 1-2 inch part in the front and sweep the rest of the hair back into a ponytail. Take the hair straightener and straighten the tail till its poker straight. Pair the look with chunky golden ear hoops for a glam touch.

Classic Shags

One of the most attractive hairstyles that has been winning hearts for long would be the shaggy hairstyle. Be it curly shag, long shag, shaggy mullets- they are all going to rule 2023. This particular hairstyle has been experimented and played with many times, and each time it only produces a sensational look. It typically requires very less styling. Simply blow drying it with a hot curl brush would be enough to get this hairdo. Also using a hair waver would add that touch of drama to this look. Pick the Vega I-Wave Hair Waver and wave the strands loosely to get this style instantly. It comes with 0.63inch triple barrel design and quick heat-up feature that gives you natural-looking waves in minutes.

These hairstyles have a global appeal and are considered the constant trend. Now with your simple hair styling appliance, get the style of your dreams and charm yourself with the icon in you.