The Only Guide and Tips to Buying Right Hair Straightener

The Only Guide and Tips to Buying Right Hair Straightener

Every other girl secretly desires to have sleek, luscious, and straight hair. After all they feel light, frizz-free, and are easy to manage. From silky smooth to poker-straight hair, all you need is a Hair Straightener Machine. Hair Straightener’s contribution to straight and shiny hair is self-explanatory as it straightens the frizzy and wavy hair and makes them look tamed. You can experiment with different hairstyles or even keep your hair locks free, if you have the right Hair Straightener, it will get every job done. All the straight hair lovers often come up with one common question that says “which hair straightener is the best?” If you are also someone looking for an answer to similar question, keep the following tips in mind while investing in a Hair Straightening Tool.

Tips to Consider While Buying a Hair Straightener

Pick the Hair Straightener According to Hair Type

Flat Iron Straightener comes in different sizes and designs for specific hair types and this is an important parameter to pick the appropriate straightener. Make sure you invest in one after carefully observing your hair type depending upon the thickness and texture. If you have thick and coarse hair, choose one with wider plates that can hold on to the large section of hair at a time and glide smoothly.

Consider the Straightening Plates

There are ample Hair Straighteners with different types of plates. While buying this Hair Styler Tool, you should not skip this factor as it determines the heat distribution. To make your hair look salon-like straight and sleek, our best pick is VEGA Keratin Glow Hair Straightener which is infused with keratin-infused floating plates. The ceramic coated plates ensure even heat distribution, styling the hair perfectly and delivering shiny and healthier-looking hair.

Temperature Settings

For every hair type and texture, there is a specific heat temperature that helps to achieve straight hair strands. To do hairstyling without causing any heat damage, finding Hair Straighteners with adjustable temperatures is a must. A Hair Straightening Tool with adjustable temperature settings lets you straighten hair of all types and choose a heat setting as per your choice.

Design and Other Functions

To get straight hair that looks gorgeous and classy, having a styling tool that has a sleek design and user-friendly features is mandatory. Invest in one that has 360-degree swivel cord to prevent tangling of hair while styling, a digital temperature display, and an easy lock system for safe storage after every use.

How to Use Hair Straightener Rightly?

  • Wash your hair before styling it and follow with a blow-dry. Next, comb and detangle the hair knots.
  • Now apply a heat protectant spray to protect the hair from heat damage. Apply the serum on the tips and not the roots as it can make the hair look greasy.
  • Use VEGA Tail Comb to divide your hair into different sections for convenient styling.
  • Set the Hair Straightener at a specific temperature and start gliding on the hair. Straighten one section of hair at a time and repeat the same process for every section.

Simply keep these tips in mind and you will end up with the Best Hair Straightener to straighten your hair with salon-like results.