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The Perfect Travel Buddy for Effortless Hair Styling - Vega Travel-Pro 1200W Hair Dryer

The Perfect Travel Buddy for Effortless Hair Styling - Vega Travel-Pro 1200W Hair Dryer

Hair Dryers have now become a staple hair care product to begin with. With a fast-paced life and reduced self-pampering time, the demand for fast hair styling tools have increased manifold. Paying attention to the customers requirement and expectations, hair dryers now come with heat settings and attachments for salon-like drying as well as styling on the go. Also, the modern ergonomic design enables non-slip and better grip. All these factors make hair dryers one of the most convenient styling tools.


Hair dryer acts as that crucial hair styling appliance when at home as well as when traveling. We have all been in situations where there is no time left for hair drying after a shower as we have to rush to the workplace. Now the question is, can you carry your dryer everywhere? Do you have a hair dryer that can actually fit into that small purse you own? We say yes!

The all new Vega Travel-Pro 1200W Hair Dryer is a treat for all, especially to be used on the go. Travelers who get little or no time at home for hair care or styling. This super mini hair dryer is designed with the sole motif of making it easier for us go-getters to carry it super conveniently in our college bags or office handbags. It is super compact in size and is even foldable. This ensures that you can carry it almost anywhere, anytime. You might be wondering how efficient could this dryer be given its minimal dimensions. Let us get you well acquainted to this mighty mini dryer below: add color also

1. 1200W Powerful Motor

Enables fast drying on the go. You don’t have to wait for long to get a perfectly dried hair for styling.

2. 2 heat/ speed settings

The mini Hair dryer comes in two heat settings- low and high that you can adjust according to your requirement. – customize as per ur hair type and

3. Detachable Nozzle

Comes with a nozzle that helps in drying a precise area of the hair. In case you want normal drying, you can simply remove the nozzle

4. Overheat protection

The hair dryer is embedded with overheat protection to guard your hair from excess heat

5. Foldable design and hanging loop

The handle of this hair dryer is foldable and therefore, can be easily folded to fit inside your handbag or your dressing table drawer at home. The hanging loop allows easy hanging near bathroom mirrors or anywhere you wish to put it.

6. Sensational hot pink color

The ever-trendy hot pink hue makes this hair dryer all the more attractive. It can be a great gift for someone who loves pink or someone who travels constantly.

7. Travel-friendly

The most highlighted feature of this flagship is it’s tiny design with mighty attributes that fits right into a small bag you own. No more hassle to carry a big bag for that hair dryer at home. Relax and style your way through!


If you love styling and yet, your time at home is limited for any extra selfcare, then the Travel-Pro 1200W Hair Dryer is a must have hair styling tool for you. It’s easy storage and high efficiency makes it one of the best picks for the moment. Own it for yourself or gift this beautiful hair dryer to your busy friend. We are sure this one’s got to put a huge smile on her face. Grab it now!