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The Right Way to Comb Your Hair

The Right Way to Comb Your Hair

How much do we love our hair! We all share everlasting emotions for our hair and spend so much time in taking care of our mane by practicing an ideal hair care routine. Many a times, despite every effort and hair care product that we use, hair still feels brittle, damaged or leads to breakage. What could possibly be the reason? Probably one mistake that we all unknowingly make is, not using the right Hair Comb suitable for our hair or using it all wrong.  Our hair is undoubtedly the most precious asset however growing healthy hair locks and maintaining them is a tough task with the kind of lifestyle we have. But you can still do that with the right use of Hair Comb. Refer to this blog to know better about common hair combing mistakes that we should avoid making.

Common Hair Comb Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Comb Wet Hair

When you wash hair, the pores of the scalp are already open and sensitive. The wet hair strands are most delicate hence combing them or brushing is a big no as they become prone to breakage. You can’t really avoid combing if you are running late for work hence it’s recommended to use Wide Teeth Hair Comb which detangles the hair knots easily. These combs are mostly used by people with thick hair as the space between the bristles allows the hair to pass easily without pulling.

Not being Gentle While Combing

Combing hair the right way is extremely important as it protects from hair loss, tugging and more. While gliding the comb, always be gentle and use with light hands. Don’t force it on your hair no matter how many knots. This can further lead to even more tangles and cause pain in the roots. Always divide your hair in few sections and take up one section each at a time and start with small strokes. Stay away from moving comb on the entire mane rather make partitions and then segregate the locks.

Not Combing in the Direction

What is the right way to start combing hair? Well the right way is to always beginning from the middle section and stroke by stroke moving downwards. Use comb towards upper section only if the hair is tangle -free. In order to ensure painless experience; never use the comb from the roots as you may face even more tangles and knots.

Avoid Back Combing Regularly

All those girls who flaunt stunning hair styles follow one hair hack which is known by the name backcombing. This hair technique is basically known for adding volume and texture to the hair. This trick proves great for holding on to a particular hairstyle; however there are certain drawbacks if you do this on a daily basis. It can damage the hair cuticles which are already very sensitive.

Refrain from Combing after Applying any Hair Product

Hair cream, conditioner, serum are other essentials that we use during hair care regime. But after you have applied any product, refrain from using a hair comb. Be it styling cream or any hair mask, always use your hands to comb through the locks. Immediately putting comb after product application can lessen its effect on the hair and also harms the texture.

Next time you use your Hair Comb, ensure keeping these important tips in mind!