The Right Way to File Nails

The Right Way to File Nails

The Right Way to File Nails

Giving the right care to your hands is on everyone’s beauty bucket list. If you want to pamper your nails, nail filing is the first basic step that follows. If you want to become self-reliant to file your nails, you need to work on your nail filing skills. Filing nails on a regular basis is very important because it keeps the nails strong and healthy and at the same time, gives them the desired shape you want. Let’s find out how to file your nails the right way and avoid any sort of peeling, breaking, and cracking. 

Steps to File Nails the Right Way


Pick the Right Tool 


Having the right tool for filing nails is very important to ensure their wellbeing. To file nails at home, you can pick the basic nail filer that is gentle on the nails and gives them a proper shape. Ensure to clean the nail filer before use, VEGA Nail Files are ideal for shaping nails in daily use and give shiny, well-shaped nails at home itself. 


Start Filing the Nails in One Direction 


Once you have picked the right Nail File, it’s time to file the nails. Start filing the nails in one common direction. While filing the nails, the best tip is to maintain the original shape of the nails. Try not to file the nails in the back and forth direction in order to protect the nail bed. If you wish to give a new shape to your nails, you will need to put in extra work while filing them in order to give a completely new shape. 


Exfoliate the Nail Cuticles 


After filing the nails, make sure to clean and exfoliate the nails to remove the layer of dead skin cells. Wipe off the dust around the nail bed by using any soft cloth or brush. 


Apply Cuticle Oil to Moisturize the Nails  


After exfoliation, apply some cuticle oil on the nails to ensure proper moisturizing. After every session of cleaning the nails, moisturize the cuticles to maintain healthy nails. If your hands get dry and rough, you can apply cuticle oil for daily moisturizing. 


Paint the Nails 


After you have achieved your desired nail shape and length, you can make them look even more attractive by applying nail paint. Always start with applying the base coat. The base coat is the initial step before applying nail paint as it makes the nails look shiny and gives a smooth base to nails. Apply the first coat, let it dry and then move to the next coat. Cover the edges and wipe off the extra nail paint. Seal the look with a top coat and wipe off the excess nail paint.


And you are ready with Instagram-worthy gorgeous nails!