The Right Way to Use Face Roller

The Right Way to Use Face Roller

We don’t need any special occasion to give the skin much-needed pampering. With the evolving lifestyle, we all are drawn towards hectic life schedules and rarely get time off to show love and care to our skin. We are thankful to the current scenario through which we are able to take care of ourselves in a better way. Because of the uncertain situation outside, people have settled with a more reliable alternative to skin and body care which is using DIY Skin Care Tools at home. Face Roller is one of the similar DIY skin care essentials and proves to be an ideal tool for a glowing and healthy face. There are several benefits that a face roller adds to the skin and this trend is here to stay. Scroll down to find out about the right way to use it.

The Right Way to Use a Face Roller

Prep Your Skin First

Before you start using the face roller, wash your face and apply any face serum or moisturizer. Never use the face roller on the bare face that is dry as it can pull or tug your skin and can result in wrinkles. Therefore it is important to apply any cream to make the skin surface soft for rolling the face roller.

Start Rolling the Face Roller in Upward Direction

After applying the face oil, start rolling the Face Roller in the upward direction. Never use the Face Roller to and fro to avoid skin-related issues. The basic role to use the roller is to move it in the upward direction in the outer area jawline followed by ears on both sides gently. Continue rolling the tool towards the cheekbones.

Use the Face Roller on Forehead

Next, move up to the forehead area and start rolling in the middle of the forehead. Repeat the same process in the same motion at least 5 times and move to the opposite area of the forehead.

Under the Eyes and Brows

After rolling on the forehead area, take the roller and move towards the eye area. Start with rolling around the brow area and then under the eye area. Use the roller in the inner eye area and then slowly move to the outer eye area.

Finish the Process with Jaw Area

Last but not the least, finish off the process by using the face roller in the jawline area. Put some pressure on the roller while rubbing deep into the jaw. Press hard and move the roller in the upward direction especially in the areas that feel tight.

Added Benefits of Using a Face Roller

  • Using a Face Roller in the face improvises blood circulation that helps the skin to look brighter. 
  • In case you have got face puffiness, it helps to decrease and also avoids swelling on the face.
  • If you feel stressed after a really long and tiring day, using a face roller will relax your nerves and pacify anxiety and tiredness.
  • Provides a soothing and calm feeling to the skin and also enhances the appearance.
  • With the right use of a face roller, the skin care products that you apply to the skin will get absorbed deeper into the skin.

And that’s how using a Face Roller can do wonders to the skin!