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This Holi, Just Enjoy The Festival As Vega Is There To Take Care Of Your Skin

This Holi, Just Enjoy The Festival As Vega Is There To Take Care Of Your Skin

The festival of colors, Holi is one of the most awaited celebrations of the country. The vibrant colors mark the very beginning of summer and the end of winter. Everyone loves to step out of their homes and splash colors onto each other. While some of them do not care about the colors and accept the colorful skin for days to come, others hesitate in playing Holi as removing colors later on becomes a tedious task. What if we tell you there are ways to play Holi with no fear of the colors settling down on your skin and can be easily taken off? Yes! You heard that right! Let us get you prepped up for the celebration with some of the best tips along with the most useful bath accessories for celebrating a carefree Holi.

1. Pre- Holi Prep Up

Before thinking of gathering post Holi cleanup essentials, lets focus on how to safeguard the barriers of the skin before jumping into the parade.

Step 1: Massage your face and hand with ice cubes a few minutes before applying anything onto your skin. This prepares your skin by helping to close the open pores on the skin. Open pores cause colors to seep in which becomes difficult to remove.

Step 2: Wait for 10 minutes to let the icy water dry out. Apply a waterproof sunscreen, put at least 2 layers of it so that it doesn’t wipe out soon. Apply coconut oil or any other cold-pressed oil on your skin. Such an oil acts as a protective barrier for your skin warding off the colors that tries to penetrate it. An oily layer also helps in faster and easier removal of colors while bathing.

2. Post- Holi Care With Vega

Now that you are done with the big celebration, Vega is here to take away all your stress and anxiety related to those stubborn colors on your skin. Just follow the simple steps and get to remove most amount of colors with ease.

Step 1: Dust off the excess dry colors from your skin and face. Next, pour your body wash on a Vega Loofah Pad after wetting it with water. This loofah pad is made of 100% natural ingredient and helps in better cleaning, massaging and exfoliation of the entire body without harming the skin in anyway.

If you want to go for an even deeper scrubbing of hands and legs, go for Cellulite Bristle Bath Brush that helps for intense exfoliation and cleansing that helps you get back your super soft flawless skin.

Step 2: Since it becomes difficult to reach the back with a small handy loofah, here comes Vega Luxury Back Sponge with a long wooden handle that easily slides at your back and helps in exfoliating and cleaning it with ease. Make sure you lathered the body scrub or soap at the back nicely.


Step 3: Coming to clearing off colors from your face, you need to be gentler and go a little easy. Apply your scrub that promises maximum exfoliation, lather it on your skin. Use Vega Facial Brush that ensures deep cleaning while being gentle on the skin. The super soft bristles help in better removal of dirt and colors that stick deep within the skin.

Right after the bath, apply a deep moisturizing body lotion that removes any dryness.

Step 4: Once you are done with your face and body, it’s time to focus on your nails. Often, colors accumulate in large amount inside of the nails, especially if you have long ones. Vega Manicure Set gets you clean and trimmed nails right at home without any extra expenditure in the salon for manicure. The same at-home care can be taken for the foot with the help of Vega 3-in-1 Pedicure Tool that has a brush, pumice stone and emery foot file for flawless and beautiful feet in no time.


Therefore, with easy bath accessories at the palm of your hands, there is no need to fear to take part in the festival of colors. Grab your bath essentials now!