Know How a Dryer Helps Deal with Tough Monsoon Hair

Monsoon is finally here! It is the perfect time to sit in your balcony and enjoy the weather while sipping tea.However, with changing seasons comes a whole new set of hair woes. The increased breakage, dullness, and constant moisture make beauty treatment and hair care such a challenge.But don’t let rains get to you.The trick to taming your tresses is to have a clear routine that enables you to float through the humid weather.It would help if you dried it consistently to avoid the after-effects of the monsoon season.


There are a variety of hair dryers available in the market. At Vega, we offer an extensive range of the best hair dryers that feature both hot and cold settings to dry your hair the way you want.

Before we discuss how our best professional hair dryer can assist you in this tough hair season, you should know the common hair problems that you might face:

  • Monson season is hot and humid, leading todull hair. Curly or wavy hair is susceptible to frizz. With added humidity, your hair will becomefrizzier. Hence, you will require upgrading your regular hair care routine.
  • The excessive sweating, coupled with the humid environment, will adversely affect your scalp. As sweat and secretions attract dirt and pollutants, your hair might become dull.
  • The salts in the sweat will make your hair rough and rob it of shine, making it dry and brittle.
  • Due to oiliness, hair loss is common during the monsoon season.
  • Another problem that you might suffer from is sticky dandruff.

Below are some of the ways a hair dryer can solve your monsoon hair blues:

  1. Wash and Dry off the Rain Water

If your hair gets drenched in the rain, wash your hair with clean water because rainwater can be dirty and acidic. Also, when too much moistureis settled in the scalp, it can cause infections.

So, gently wash your hair with the right shampoo. After that, you must use a dryer for drying your hair.

  1. Prevent Health Issues

Cold and cough are frequent health problems that you might suffer from in this season. To avoid such problems, you should instantly wash your hair after returning home if you get wet due to rain. Use a hair dryer to dry your hair entirely.It will prevent you from falling sick in this weather.

  1. Choosing a Comb While Drying

It is quite possible that with the humidity in the air, your hair gets tangled easily. To avoid hair fall after washing it, use a comb while drying your hair. If you use a brush to untangle the hair, you might pull too hard unknowingly. Since your hair is delicate and prone to hair fall in monsoons; you should use a comb with the hair dryer.A wide-tooth comb de-tangles your hair quickly and reduces breakage while using a dryer.

Be Monsoon Ready with the Best Hair Dryer

Preserving the shine and attractiveness of your hair can be a massive task in monsoons.Hence, you must have an efficient hair dryer to deal with monsoon hair. Try using a dryer with different attachments. Concentrator nozzle and diffuser attachment serve different purposes for all kinds of hair types. Invest in the best hair dryer for fantastic results.

We, at Vega, offer numerous hair dryer choices. Our products have a safety automatic overheat cut out option which prevents hair damage. One of our widely popular products, the Aroma Dry Hair Dryer has the added benefit of hot and cold setting. It leaves your hair with a lovely fragrance. You can find the best hair dryers for women on our website and make your selection!