Tips to Care and Style Wavy Hair At Home

Tips to Care and Style Wavy Hair At Home

In pictures and from a distance, wavy hair seems like gorgeous locks, hair texture somewhere close to curly and straight, however, only people with thick and wavy hair would know the pain of taming them down. Wavy hair has a mind of its own; someday they turn into cool beachy waves and sometimes they are totally out of control. Eventually just like applying makeup, curating a wavy hair routine to accentuate daily styling and grooming takes time and efforts to style your hair, the way you want.

Styling wavy hair can be a bit complicated because they don’t remain in their original pattern every day! But the best part of this hair type is that you can mould them in different hairdos with the help of right technique and hairstyling appliances. With little styling practice and right hair care routine, you are sure to achieve gorgeous looking hairstyles either with a blow dry or using a hair straightener. Continue reading further to find out hairstyling tips, exclusively for wavy and frizzy hair.

General At-Home Styling and Grooming Tips for Wavy Hair

Always Condition Hair after Shampoo

We all juggle with never-ending struggle with frizz and wavy hair texture. This is why applying hair conditioner after shampoo plays a game-changing role in how your hair turns out to be. While shampoo is formulated to clean every heap of dirt, wipe off the sweat and dandruff from the scalp. On the contrary, conditioner makes the hair softer and smoother. Using cold water while taking shower helps to tame the wavy hair as it seals the cuticles and conditioning untangles the knots and flyways holding on to the smoothness and softness for a longer time.

Hair Dryer for Blowing Away the Waves

For getting that fresh-out-of-salon look with glossy shine out of twisted and frizzy hair is possible using the best hair dryer. Blow drying hair the right way has all the power of flipping a bad hair day in your best one! If done the right way, you can totally get the salon-like-look hair at home without any roughness, wavy texture or frizz. The basic rule of correct blowdrying is to let the hair air dry up to 70 % and then blow-dry until completely dry. Also always use the nozzle attachment for the equal distribution so that your hair looks super sleeked and soft.

Pampering the Hair with Oiling

Before your wash day, always oil your hair as it is one of the most effective and easy ways to strengthen the hair roots and make them smooth. Giving your wavy tresses much needed TLC with hair oiling makes the hair lustrous, silky and shiny. For all those girls who complain of rough and brittle hair even after washing them with shampoo, try applying oil in the roots and on the tips before head wash. It will steadily settle the knots and uneven hair that make the locks look wavy and frizzy.

Use Hair Straightener to Tame the Frizziness

Nobody likes frizzy hair that is never manageable! Thankfully using at-home styling tools like hair straightening machine tame the unruly hair and straighten the wavy and rough hair in matter of minutes. Frizziness is being causes due to dryness and using too many hair chemicals which can make the process of hairstyling tough. While using a flat iron to fix the frizzy mess, the trick is to set the temperature on lowest and then style the hair. Also to ensure straight hair don’t turn wavy, you can seal the hairstyle using a hair spray. Not just straightening, but you can also experiment with other hairstyles like beachy waves, loose curls or crimped hair using the same styling appliance!

Many of us who are born with naturally wavy hair, you can easily fix it using the right products, techniques and with a bit of patience. Follow this blog for the right help to make your hair look wow-worthy all the time!