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Top Brushes to Include in Your Makeup Brush Kit as a Beginner

Top Brushes to Include in Your Makeup Brush Kit as a Beginner

Today, markets online and stores are flooded with a wide range of makeup products and tools. While it’s always great to have options, this wide variety can also lead to confusion, especially for beginners. If you’re just venturing into makeup, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while shopping for your makeup products and tools.

A tinted moisturizer, a compact, a few lipstick shades, a curling mascara, and a neutral eyeshadow palette are all the makeup products you need to get you started. While all these makeup products are great to have in your pouch, absence of the right brushes to apply them would actually make a big difference. This is why, here we’re sharing a list of must-have makeup brushes and their uses. These brushes are a must have in any beginner’s makeup brush kit.

1. Foundation Brush

These are one of the most important makeup brushes to have in your makeup brush kit. A foundation brush is used to blend your foundation and achieve a natural finish. It’s great to blend all kinds of foundations – whether liquid or cream, and should be used in an upward, gliding motion.

2. Powder Brush

Powder brushes are fluffy, dome shaped brushes that are used to evenly spread and blend powder products like compacts, bronzers and blushes. This is one of the most versatile brushes and would come in handy even as you explore different makeup techniques. As a beginner, you can use this brush to powder your face and touch up your makeup.

3. Lip Liner Brush

To avoid any errors, beginners should invest in tools that make the job easier. A lip liner brush is one such tool and it can be used to line your tips in an effortless manner. The pointed tip of your lip liner brush ensures precision and allows you over line or outline your lips without any hassle. So, you must have this brush in your makeup brush set.

4. Buffer Brush

If you’re someone who prefers lightweight application over a full coverage, a buffer brush is great for you. This brush pushes the product into your skin and gives a matte, sheer coverage. Another thing that makes the buffer brush a great option is that it can work with minimal product and prevents product wastage.

5. Eyeshadow Applicator Brush

An eyeshadow applicator brush is an excellent tool for applying and blending eyeshadows. This brush is perfect for creating a bunch of different looks and can be used to pat down pigments on your eyelid. If you’re someone who loves matte colours and neutral shades, this eyeshadow brush is great for you.

6. Blender Brush

To complete any eye look, you need to blend a transition shade on the crease. A fluffy blender brush is very important for this purpose and can be used to make the eye makeup appear seamless and well-blended.

VEGA range of makeup brushes consists of a bunch of brushes that are perfect for creating every-day makeup looks and will help you in blending your makeup without much effort. As you learn new makeup techniques and get more comfortable with doing your makeup, you can start investing in more advanced brushes that are used for a more glam look.

At VEGA, we also have a wide range of some of professional makeup brushes that can help you in blending your makeup like a pro. These brushes are made with fine quality hair and are gentle on the skin. So, wait no more, explore our collection of beauty accessories and build your makeup brush kit today!