Facebook Pixel How to take care of hair during changing seasons?

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Top Hair Care Tips to Follow for The Changing Season

Top Hair Care Tips to Follow for The Changing Season

The transformation from winter to spring is quite a pleasant experience for many of us, but the same change comes with quite a toll on our skin and hair. While our skin may experience acute dryness or oiliness, the hair faces a rough and dry scalp which leads to excess hair fall. The amount of hair stuck on our brushes during this time is larger than any other time of the year as the humidity and heat constantly change. Taking extra care of our hair during these times is imperative to avoid receding hairlines and loss of healthy hair.

So, here is a thorough guide to keeping your hair healthy and happy this changing season:

1. Avoid harsh shampoo

Chemical-concentrated shampoos can aggravate the existing problem of your hair by making it prone to dryness. Instead, go for mild shampoos made up of natural and ayurvedic ingredients that soothe your scalp rather than stripping off the natural oils, along with deep cleansing of hair.

2. Deep conditioning is a must


Deep conditioning helps in the deep nourishing of hair. Conditioning helps in warding off dryness and deeply moisturizes the hair by keeping its natural shine intact. Use a hair mask that is enriched with essential oils or a conditioner that boasts maximum moisturizing.

3. Do not wash with hot water

We understand that most of us haven’t gotten over the idea of soaking in hot water as it feels incredibly comforting. But it is important to note that the same hot water can damage your hair by weakening the roots or even uprooting it. Therefore, prefer lukewarm or cold water when washing your hair.

4. Use styling tools with heat settings

This season calls for minimizing the frequency of heat as it can damage the hair cuticles which gradually break off. If you love Hair Styling, choose Hair Styling Devices that come with multiple heat settings so that you can lower the temperature according to the fineness of your hair to experience the best results.

5. Don’t forget to oil your hair

In case you suffer from excessive dryness of the scalp and hair, you must include oiling in your haircare routine as often as possible and not just once a week. Using oil as an overnight treatment helps strengthen roots and revitalizes the scalp. A good oil massage also enhances blood circulation of the scalp, thereby contributing to growth.

6. Use a wooden comb to detangle


Wooden combs are a natural remedy for scalp treatment. It is gentle on the scalp and helps to spread the natural nutrients to the mane. A wooden comb smoothly glides through the hair without triggering any sensitivity on the scalp or weakening roots.

7. Avoid sunlight as much as possible

As summer is knocking on the doors, the enhancing intensity of the sun's rays can cause severe damage to the mane. Therefore, if your job requires you to be out in the sun, make sure to cover your hair with a silk scarf that reduces friction and keeps the hair protected. If not, you can always use an umbrella.

Following these little measures can definitely save your hair from the woes of the changing season. Our hair deserves more than what we do for it. The process doesn’t just start or end with shampooing and conditioning. It requires holistic care so that the roots remain healthy and intact with every changing time of the year. Also, trimming it once in a while helps in better growth of hair and reduces split ends that intensify with the changing seasons. In case your hair is sensitive and suffers from acute hair fall, then tie your hair as often as you can to protect it from excess loss.