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Top Picks for DIY Pedicure Sessions

Top Picks for DIY Pedicure Sessions

Pedicure treatment is such a relaxed feeling that calms every nerve and keeps the feet in good condition. Now people prefer at-home pedicure sessions more than salon treatment as it is much easier and free of cost. From basic cleaning of toes to foot massage, you can pamper your feet the way you want in the comfort zone of home. All that you need is some pedicure tools to give your feet a professional pedicure treatment at home. VEGA Pedicure Tools help to achieve personalized pedicure at home, pamper the feet and make them feel refreshed.

Tools that You Need For DIY Pedicure at Home

Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone works great to remove all the dead skin, patches, and calluses from the feet, elbow, and hands. Our feet often get exposed to water and become dry and flaky because of which dead skin cells build-up. VEGA Pumice Stone with a handle helps to remove hard and dry skin effectively and with ease. The ergonomic designs of the pumice stone enhance quick and easy use that gives clean feet in no time.

Foot File

Foot File is made up of exfoliating material that helps to remove tough and dead skin from the foot area. Foot File can be used as part of daily foot care that keeps the heel area smooth by removing the calluses. You can use it in a circular motion to remove the dirt and dead skin. VEGA Foot File has two side exfoliators that smoothen the feet area and help to get rid of the skin buildup at the bottom of the feet.

Foot Scrubber

Foot Scrubber provides an easy and convenient way to clean the feet by removing dead skin cells. This pedicure tool can be used in a daily run for scrubbing and exfoliating the feet. VEGA Foot Scrubber covers the maximum area and cleans faster than other tools. You can use it while pedicure treatment for beautiful and soft feet.

Corn Cutter

Corn Cutter is a great tool for removing calluses and corns around the feet. VEGA Corn Cutter is a versatile combination tool for removing dead skin and patches. It is best used for smoothening the rough area on the feet and easily cleans the layer of hard skin.

Step by Step Guide for DIY Pedicure Session

  1. Remove the old nail polish first by using nail paint remover. Take soft cotton balls and nail paint remover and gently clean the nails.
  2. Now fill a tub with lukewarm water and soak your feet in it. You can put salt in it and soak your feet for a few minutes till the cuticles become soft.
  3. Use a foot file or pumice stone to exfoliate the dead skin and clean the feet.
  4. Now take a nail clipper and cut down the big nails if needed.
  5. Now wipe your feet and take any moisturizer to massage your foot.
  6. Clean your toes with cotton wipes and apply a base coat.
  7. Once the base coat dries, apply one coat of nail paint and then a second coat once the first coat gets dried up.

And you are done! Just follow these easy steps and give your feet much-needed pampering and love.