Facebook Pixel Treating your Toes Right with Ultimate Pedicure Kit: A Whole Guide

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Treating your Toes Right with Ultimate Pedicure Kit: A Whole Guide

Treating your Toes Right with Ultimate Pedicure Kit: A Whole Guide

Pedicure treatment is known as one of the most popular beauty treatments being provided in salons and spas. Getting your feet pampered feels great, is good for the skin and leaves your toes looking best. And if you are yearning for that smooth feeling then you don’t have to wait for your next salon appointment because now you can give your feet professional like pedicure sitting in the comfort of the home. Picture yourself sitting comfortably in your living room, your feet soaked in warm water and filing your toe nails. Does this imagination of at-home pedicure treatment make you feel relaxed? If yes then keep reading the further blog for the ultimate guide to salon worthy pedicure treatment for getting clean and smooth feet using all the essential pedicure tools at home.

How to Do Pedicure at Home in 10 Easy Steps?



Gather Essential Pedicure Tools

To make your at-home pedicure session right, you need to gather all the tools required in one place. To attain the professional touch, having the right tools are as important as knowing the right technique. It might be a bit of investment first but having good quality tools make all the difference in how your feet look like. Make sure that your pedicure tool kit is up to the mark by assembling tools like Foot File for Pedicure, Nail Clipper and Cuticle Pusher. Along with these tools, you also need things like nail paint remover, base coat and nail paint of your choice.

Clean the Toes and Trim the Nails



Our feet deserve equal attention because of being exposed to dust and pollution all the time and that’s why it is important to clean the entire gunk from the toe area. Grab a gentle nail polish remover and soak it in a cotton pad and apply it all over the toenails to remove the old nail paint that has become chipped, debris of dirt, build-up and grease making the nails oily. Next take a nail clipper and trim the toenails in equal shape and size to avoid ingrown toenails that often get painful.

Soak Your Feet in Water

Now fill a tub with some lukewarm water and then add some liquid. Now soak your feet in the water for some time and relax back by spreading your legs and catch up with reading book or listening to your favorite song. This step is majorly followed to make the nails and callouses soft so that later it becomes easy to file them. Soaking the nails is a relaxing feeling and thoroughly cleanses the feet.

Go Gentle with the Cuticle Pusher

Once your feet and nails are dry and feel soft, take the cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles around the base of the nails to give them a neat and clean look. Hold the rounded part of the tool at a convenient angle and then start pushing out the cuticle around the edges of the nails with gentle hands so that it doesn’t hurt. Remove the excess dead skin if needed and apply some cuticle oil to make the area soft and supple.

Exfoliate the Rough Skin

Not just the nails but skin around the heel area also becomes soft after soaking the feet in water. Now using the VEGA Foot File, buff the areas around the feel to remove the layer of dead skin and callus. Mainly focus on the cracks of the heels and the sides to get rid of the roughness and dry skin. If left untreated, the skin around the heels become brittle, rough and swollen hence keep exfoliating the surface of the feet makes the skin soft, healthy and fresh.

Apply Moisturizer and Massage the Feet

Our feet carry our weight all day long without any protest. And we often neglect them which results in rough and dry skin. To cope up with that, always apply foot cream or moisturizer in order to keep the feet hydrated, nourished and restores the hydration. Massage your feet and lower leg after every pedicure session for the better nail care. Last but not the least, take your favorite nail color and paint your toe nails to make them look pretty.

And that’s all! Follow these simple yet effective steps and take better care of your feet from home itself.