Trending Hairstyle Ideas for Every Bridesmaid

Trending Hairstyle Ideas for Every Bridesmaid

There’s something about wedding season that multiplies the excitement and happiness as the day starts approaching. And if you are going to be part of any wedding as a bridesmaid then it gets more thrilling because you belong to the bride’s team! Being a bridesmaid is never an easy task because one has to look as beautiful as a bride with the right make-up, dress, and hairstyle. At times it is a nerve-wracking task to decide the outfits, matching hair, and make-up for every function but if you follow some easy tips and patterns, you can effortlessly pull off a simple yet elegant look. Step up the hair game this wedding season with VEGA Personal Care Appliances and try these easy-to-do hairdos.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles to Try This Wedding Season

Loose Crimped Hair

It’s never too late to try new hairstyles and experiment with your hair. If you are confused about how to style your hair locks with a traditional outfit then a crimped hairstyle can actually be a savior. You can create a fusion of the 90’s hairdo with your Indian outfit and leave everyone smitten. Crimping hair is back in fashion and suits women of every age. Wash your hair and let it dry. Now detangle your mane and apply a heat protectant. Divide your hair into different sections and take a small section each time and start crimping with Hair Crimper. Start crimping in the downward direction and make sure not to burn the scalp. Repeat the process with every hair section.

Add Volume to Your Hair with Curls

If you are thinking to keep your hair light without buns or want to ditch floral hairstyles, loose curls are one of the best and quickest hairdos. Be it a saree or any indo-western outfit, curls compliment every outfit. Simply brush your freshly washed hair and make small sections of hair and start curling with a hair curler. Wrap your hair around the barrel away from your face. Hold the curler for a few seconds and then release. Let the curls cool to set and repeat for the remaining sections. You can primp your gorgeous curls with side braids and ace your full getup.

Soft Beachy Waves

Shiny and natural waves look stunning on every hair length. Side partition in wavy hair has become the latest hairstyle trend and more women are trying it. You want flowers in your hairstyle without a bun then hair waves can be an ideal pick. Beachy waves with tucked flowers and hair laid down are the ideal hairstyle for Mehndi or sangeet night. To get gorgeous and loose waves, turn on the Hair Waver and pick each section of hair and wrap the strands around the barrel away from the face. Make soft or loose curls as per your choice and lock the waves with a hair spray.

Straight Hair Look

Got no time to pull your hair in any hairdo? Well, it’s okay if you know how to style straight hair. Sometimes going low-key with basic hair look is the key! And straight hairstyle is undoubtedly a win-win situation for all women having naturally straight and luscious locks. You can add extra shine and smoothness by straightening the mane. Make center or side partition and simply glide a hair straightener on the strands and you are ready to slay the look! One can flaunt this hairstyle on functions like cocktail or reception.

Let us know which hairstyle you are going to try this coming season and make VEGA Hair Styling Tools part of wedding shenanigans!