The day our hair refuses to align with the outfit or the occasion, we feel low till the sun does not go down. It is pretty much obvious that it is next to impossible to get salon-style hair every day and probably that leaves no stone unturned to fix hair. However, if you always yearn for getting silky and smooth hair then there’s one full-proof plan that has the solution to the basic styling as well as healthy hair regime. And the first stepping stone to this is putting money in the right hair combs for the right hair. To break the illusion, we can’t use the same comb to detangle and style hair!  And at VEGA, there is a dynamic range of hair combs each contributing precisely with striking features of both styling and grooming.

Choosing Different Hair Combs For Different Hair

Handcrafted Wooden Comb

Are you looking for a hair comb that leaves behind an essence of serenity and a soothing sensation in the hair? VEGA handcrafted wooden combs tick off both the requirements. Featuring the quality of rounded wooden tips, this hair comb should be in everyone’s dresser so that you can use it to gently massage your scalp and feel relieved from headache and fatigue. The natural fibers of the wooden comb do wonders in hair conditioning, as well as wide tooth design protects hair from getting pulled. Needless to say, Handcrafted wooden combs are always to the rescue because of their 100 percent natural and healthy ingredients.

Handcrafted Combs

If you are getting mixed thoughts related to the comb you are currently using then switch to VEGA Handcrafted combs which have everything covered. For the lustrous and healthy locks, the handcrafted comb can be the first thought in the mind as they produce minimum static charges as it is made up of non-petroleum-based materials which are extracted from natural plants. The smooth rounded teeth do not even give an ounce of pain to the scalp and are suitable for all hair types and textures. Next time before starting with any hairstyle, keep handcrafted combs close to you for less heat damage.

Handcrafted Black Combs

Black is a happy color for many people that add colors to their lives. And VEGA Handcrafted black Combs illustrate the same appeal. Made from cellulose acetate, these combs are handmade and bring about a less static charge because of the non-petroleum-based material. Existing in different shapes and designs, one’s hair is in good hands with the help of handcrafted black combs. Furthermore, the dark black texture gives rich color pay off!

Aluminum Combs

Taking care of any hair type is indeed like walking on an eggshell with our heavy schedule. However, it’s these basic commodities like VEGA Aluminum Hair Comb that make hair care convenient for all of us. Made up of 100 percent premium level alloy aluminum, these combs are anti-static, strong, and very lightweight and can be used both professionally and in the household. Curved with rounded teeth, each tooth of this comb holds back resistance and eliminates hair entangling. Making the belief stronger about buying these online hair combs, they are convenient to use and clean at home.

These handcrafted combs are worth buying that suit different moods of hair and VEGA hair combs surely fathom that feeling! Go buy it soon!