Facebook Pixel Ultimate Guide to Choosing Best Hair Brush for Your Hair Type

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Ultimate Guide to Choosing Best Hair Brush for Your Hair Type

Ultimate Guide to Choosing Best Hair Brush for Your Hair Type

We do everything for our hair- using the best and most expensive shampoo & conditioner, never skipping the monthly salon visits, oiling the hair often, and also showing them the love of DIY hair masks. And yet the hair looks damaged! Can the wrong hair products be the root cause of hair looking dull and lifeless? Yes, it can! We may not think twice before using the hair styling tools like hair brushes but using the right brushes is one of the important components to achieve flawless hair. 

Using the right hair brush for your particular hair type helps to trim frizzy hair, detangles the knots without tugging or pulling the strands, and most importantly adds perfect layers of volume to the hair making it look bouncy and fuller. Long story short, choosing the right hair brush and using it correctly can make all the difference in achieving the perfect hair look. Whether you are looking for a brush for getting that ultimate blowout or to segregate stubborn hair knots, scroll through our hair brush guide to help you figure out your styling and grooming needs. 

Factors to Consider While Buying Hair Brush

Shape of the Hair Brush

If you don’t know, the shape of the hair brush matters as it plays a cupid in determining the style and shape of one’s hair look. In case you long for a classic blow dry look, you need to have a round hair brush that carefully wraps the hair around the bristles to give the twisted & wavy look. Similarly, to provide a natural straight finish to the hair, prefer using a flat or paddle hair brush. All of these hair brushes come in different sizes depending upon the hair volume and requirement. For at-home styling, you can pick the regular size while buying a hair brush online whereas while traveling, you can choose the compact hair brush

Type of the Bristles 

Whether you are detangling your tresses or giving them a finishing touch with a salon-like blowout, the type of bristles a hair brush has also determines how our hair looks like. Go for the hair brushes that are made up of ball-tipped bristles that produce a negative ionic charge which helps to control the frizziness and flyways in the hair. Moreover, they help the brush glide on the surface easily, adding much-needed shine & volume to the hair, protecting the strands from being tugged, pulled, and broken. Hair brush with nylon bristles is also a good pick as they don’t create static charge and allow detangling even unruly hair with ease and comfort.

Easy to Clean 

Hair brushes are those essentials that are used daily. And it is very obvious that with regular use of hair brushes, they are likely to attract a lot of dirt and buildup in between the bristles. This means it’s high time to clean the brushes and pull out the gunk from the bristles. Just like hair, even our beauty tools for women need proper cleaning hence choose a hair brush that is easy to clean. Using the same dirty brush for repetitive hair strokes can put back the piled-up dirt in the hair. Thus, once in a while take out time for the thorough cleaning of the hair brushes. 

Handle of the Hair Brush

Apart from the size and shape of the hair brush, the handle design also plays a game-changing role. Always select a hair brush with an ergonomic design that makes holding the brush easy and comfortable. An ideal hair brush with a unique handle provides a comfortable grip while gliding it on the scalp. A brush with a soft cushioned handle also helps to reduce the strain while holding the brush for longer sessions during styling and detangling. Ensure that you buy wooden paddle hair brush that offers a cushion effect that leads to stress-free hair brushing experience. 

Before choosing a hair brush, consider the following factors to get the best of these tools. If picked the right hair brush, it will cater to all your hair woes; be it detangling the tresses, styling, or distributing the natural oil on the scalp.