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Want That Perfect Essence of Henna: Here Is What You Need

Want That Perfect Essence of Henna: Here Is What You Need

In a quest of making your hair look good, we expose our hair to a lot of chemicals but often overlook the benefits of natural ingredients. And that’s where bad hair quality takes a toll over what we least want to happen. Nevertheless, let this be your wake-up call, and start taking your hair seriously. If we mention natural ingredients, Heena is always one of the most important things.

For those who love an extra oomph of shine and color to the hair but don’t want to expose hair follicles to chemicals, Henna is the next best available ingredient. Whether you want to dye your grey hair or deep conditioning, Henna is the jack of all trades that gives the right nourishment to the hair. And the end result of applying Henna is conventional only if it is applied the right way. Henna or Dye Brush is the right tool for coloring or applying Henna on hair and goes well for both home and salon use.

How to Apply Heena on Hair?

There are numerous benefits of applying henna as it nourishes, softens, and beautifies your hair along with adding a brownish shine to the hair locks. However, this works only if you apply Heena the right way. VEGA Henna Brush is what you need in your kit that is made up of fine bristles and offers even application of Henna in the nook and cranny of the head.

  • Prepare the Henna paste and leave it overnight. Mix the Henna with lukewarm water and stir it well leaving no lumps in the paste and let it soaked for 8-10 hours.
  • Clean your scalp by taking a head shower. Use any mild shampoo if needed to make sure your scalp is clean for the better application of Henna.
  • While applying Henna, make sure that your forehead, neck, and ears don’t get stained.
  • Make two or three sections of your and take one section at a time and comb it well before applying Heena. Take VEGA Mehndi brush and start applying it to each section.
  • After applying Henna on each section, comb your hair from the root to the tips.
  • After applying Henna, roll your hair in a neat bun and you are good to go.
  • Leave the Henna for 30 minutes or more and then rinse it off.

Why Choose VEGA Mehndi Brush

  • The fine bristles of VEGA Henna Brush give the uniform application of Henna, which is appropriate for both home and salon use.
  • These brushes give 100 percent coverage to the hair, irrespective of the hair volume.
  • The Mehndi brushes reach out to every strand with ease; the long tail of the brush is easy to hold and also helps in making different sections of hair.
  • Once you have applied the Mehndi or color, the bristles can be washed easily by simply soaking them in water.
  • The bristles are long and wide which covers a major portion of hair in one go.

And you have ample reasons to go organic with coloring hair naturally with Henna and flaunt your gorgeous locks. All thanks to VEGA Mehndi Brush!