What Do You Need to Know About a Beauty Blender?

What Do You Need to Know About a Beauty Blender?

Do you love make-up but not able to blend it nice? Does your foundation enter the pores and end up the make-up looking completely patchy? Well, a good beauty blender is an answer to all your make-up woes! Beauty Blender is that one make-up product in every make-up junkie’s beauty kit that blends foundation, concealer, and other beauty products with sheer grace. There’s no secret in the fact that beauty blender has changed the make-up completely. Make-up trends have evolved drastically and the traditional approach to mixing the products using our hands has been completely changed as beauty sponges and blenders have revamped the way people apply make-up.

How to Use a Make-up Blender?

To get the most out of the make-up products, beauty blenders can be used by following three main steps-Wet, squeeze and bounce.

Prep and Prime your Skin

Before you start applying make-up using Face Accessories Tool, always prep your skin and prime it for having a smooth canvas for seamless make-up. Simply follow your usual skincare regime and then apply Face Primer on those spots on the face that get oily. Take pea size product in your hands and apply it all over the face. Now, wait for some time till the primer settles in the face, and then start using make-up products. 

Dampen the Beauty Blender

The next and most important step while applying make-up is making the beauty blender wet. Most people find it amusing that while using the make-up blender to blend the products, it is supposed to be damp. Either soak it in a container having water or place the blender under running water and let it get wet totally. Once wet, the blender expands in size as they absorb water instead of absorbing make-up products.

Squeeze the Excess Product

After making the blender wet with water, it’s time to squeeze out all the excess water. The main purpose of squeezing the make-up blender is to ensure bringing out the excess water so that you can get a make-up look with a natural-looking finish. The wet make-up sponge helps to save excess make-up from being wasted and leaves behind the seamless and clean make-up result. 

Start Using the Make-up Blender 

Now comes the fun part! Just as you dab any moisturizer or foundation with light hands, likewise use the blender in a bouncing pattern to spread the product evenly on the face. Don’t drag it over the skin; instead, dab the blenders from the pointed tip for seamless blending and for getting the right coverage. Rubbing or dragging the beauty blender ends up making the face patchy and developing creases. Always bounce the beauty blender in short and small movements to get a seamless and finished look. The gentle and small stroke distributes the product equally and blends in the skin without developing any cakey layer. 

Clean the Sponge after Use 

Every time you use a make-up blender, the make-up residue gets accumulated on the beauty blender and makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. Dirty beauty blenders are unhygienic that wreak havoc on the skin and deliver an unfinished make-up look. When the Foundation Make-up Sponge already has the make-up buildup on the surface, it will not pick up the new make-up product properly and end up making the base make-up look cakey. Hence wash the beauty sponges and blenders thoroughly with water and soap and let them dry completely before using them again. 

We all love using beauty blenders for make-up that gives a flawless finish to the foundation and concealer and bring the best out of the whole look. These are the simple tips that will help you to avail the optimum use of the make-up sponge