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What is the Right Hair Brush for your Hair Type

What is the Right Hair Brush for your Hair Type

Have you ever wondered that a wrong brush could be responsible for a bad hair day? Experts say that using the right hair brush for women could bring about a big change in how the hair appears. Going to the store only to find yourself withing an enormous variety of hair brushes without knowing what exactly is made for your hair type is a bummer, as it’s possible that you might end up with the wrong brush. This will further aggravate the problem of poorly managed hair. Let’s just break it down to the basics and find the perfect match for your hair type.

For Long Hair


Paddle brush is best suited for long haired people. If you like to flip your hair upside down to dry or brush, the paddle brush will help best to distribute natural oils evenly. Paddle brushes cover more areas and it’s nylon bristles help in gently massaging the scalp as well as spread the natural nutrients to the long mane. You can also opt for bamboo paddle brush, as bamboo bristles help stimulate blood circulation to the scalp. This in turn boosts hair growth.

For Curly Hair


Image – Women with curly hair using R10-RB

Round brushes are the best pick for the curly-haired beauties. Most of us think that when it comes to curly hair, maintaining it requires styling tools and products that are appropriate for the curls. However, Round Brushes are designed to retain the curly texture and at the same time add volume and smoothness to the hair shaft. The nylon bristles penetrate the hair while the boar bristles polish the shaft. It is suitable every hair length.

For Wet Hair

Detangling brushes come with fine, soft bristles and are strong enough to glide through the toughest knots detangling the hair. Yet it is warned to not use brushes for wet hair as it’s more prone to breakage. Start brushing from the ends to let go off excess water and then slowly work your way up.

Dry Hair

Image- Shop now for E2-CB

Dry hair is more prone to dandruff and other scalp rashes. Using any hard brush would further aggravate the problem. Cushion brush has soft rubber base and ball tipped nylon bristles which are easy on the scalp and doesn’t trigger any existing problem. It helps in preventing from buildups that rise from excess use of hair styling product, and also, stimulates hair growth.

For thin hair

Thin hair requires less strokes of brush as compared to other hair types to get a smooth and detangled hair. Flat brushes are tailormade for thin hair type that gently detangles and imparts a smooth and shiny texture in no time.

For styling

If you are amongst the one who loves to style their hair more often, then you should definitely add hot curl brush to your dressing table. The barrel of this brush is made of ceramic material that conducts heat. This helps in speeding up drying and add shine to the hair naturally. The best part is, it helps in styling and add bounce to the hair while blow-drying, which is why salon professionals mostly use a hot curl brush.

As carefully as we pick our clothing for a comfortable experience, the same should be done while picking a brush for our haircare. Any brush that is not fit for our hair will only lead to excess breakage and eventual hair loss. Therefore, choose your brush wisely for a good hair health.