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Which Type of Eyeliner is Best for You?

One makeup product that possesses magical powers to glam up any look in an instant is eyeliner. Hands down, the best makeup aide!

However, if you are new to using eyeliners, you are just in luck. We are having a long-due discussion on eyeliners, which you should join right away. First and foremost, you should know about the different types of liners so you can select the right one according to the look you want!

Types of Eyeliners

We give you the lowdown on all different types of liners there are.

  1. Pencil Eyeliner

You cannot go wrong with a pencil eyeliner. As your main one or as a backup, every woman should have a pencil liner in her bag. Out of all the different types of liners, this is the one to swear by! It works the exact same way as a kohl stick. If you are a sucker for vaguely-smudged-on-purpose eyes, look no further. It is great for everyday use when you want to keep things light and casual.

  1. Gel Eyeliner

Use a gel eyeliner to perfect that stroke on your eyelids. You might struggle to draw a smooth line at first, but it will become your best friend once you get the hang of it. The best aspect of gel eyeliners is that accidental eye-rubs do not fade or disruptive.

  1. Liquid Eyeliner

Only a few of us have perfected liquid eyeliner. But, if you have an effective eyeliner brush, you can easily apply liquid eyeliner. With a superfine brush tip, you can achieve precise and thin strokes.

Now that you know the different types of eyeliners, make sure that you have the right eyeliner brush. Using an eyeliner brush makes your eyeliner look perfect and can help you get any shape you want. For a straight, close to lash line, you can use pencil eyeliner. But, if you are trying to amp up your look with a winged eye, you need to use an eyeliner brush.

These two types of Vega eyeliner brushes will take care of your eye makeup needs:

  • Dome Shaped Semi-Flat Eyeliner Brush

To ensure smooth and sleek application of gel eyeliner, use the dome-shaped semi-flat eyeliner brush. This brush is moderately dense, making it easy to make thick lines and get the perfect winged eye look. Or, if you are looking to add a thick layer on your eyelids to give a smoky effect, this eyeliner brush is a must-have! Achieve the desired look flawlessly using this eyeliner brush. Use the Gel Eye Liner for gorgeous eyes. It is ideal for applying gel eyeliner in smooth and continuous lines.

  • Simple Eyeliner Brush

A slim, sparse, tipped brush, this is easy to use. You will see how quick it is to apply liquid eyeliner with this brush. It is extremely helpful in drawing fine lines and fills in multiple gaps. Get an even finish and faultless application when you are going for a classy and elegant look. Our Eye Liner is suitable for liquid and crème based eyeliner products. Now, let your eyes do the talking at every party!

Know the Benefits of Using an Eyeliner Brush

  1. Eyeliner brushes help in drawing a fine, chain free line. The accuracy and precision depend on the density of the brush.
  2. You can avoid wasting any product by using the eyeliner brush. Just pick up the desired amount of the product with the tip of the brush and apply it.
  3. Explore and discover new looks. With an eyeliner brush, you can achieve any desired shape.
  4. Avoid contamination of eyeliners that come with a brush inserted at the top of the tube.

Define Your Beautiful Eyes

Eye makeup is the most essential part of your makeup. And to get it right, you should have the ideal tools. Eyeliner brushes ensure that your eye makeup is impeccable at all times. So, hurry and buy these must-have makeup brushes from our online store. At Vega, we ensure that you get premium-quality beauty care products!