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Why do You Need a Pedicure Treatment in Winter?

Why do You Need a Pedicure Treatment in Winter?

Winter is undoubtedly the best time of the year with snuggling under the cozy blankets, enjoying winter delicacies, and getting decked up for Christmas, New Year, and much more. But winter also brings along dry and dull skin making the hands and feet itchy. To enjoy the winter to the fullest, you need to pay extra attention to the skin especially the feet because they remain covered under the boots and socks and we often forget about them. Just like the summer season, it is equally important to look after the feet in cold weather because we deal with the problem of cracked heels.

Taking pedicure treatment in the winter season is very important because it helps in making skin smooth relaxes the feet and maintains cleanliness. Here’s how taking pedicure treatment in the winter season makes feet look soft and healthy.

Reasons Why Pedicure Treatment is Important in Winter Season

Helps to Cure Cracked Heels

As soon as the temperature starts dropping and the season gets cold, skin starts losing moisture. This becomes the reason for feet becoming dry and cracked. In case the cracked heels remain ignored, they get painful and often result in infection. Maintaining a pedicure routine throughout the winter season helps in combating painful cracks. Hence, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize the skin.

Gives a Relaxed Feeling

Dipping the feet in warm water during the cold season is very soothing. Maintaining moisture in both cold and dry seasons nourishes the feet and keeps them soft and supple. No matter what the temperature is outside, your feet will be well protected and safe. Maintaining healthy feet through pedicure sessions will make you feel relaxed and light.

Helps in Getting Rid of the Dead Skin Cells

Giving your feet a pedicure treatment removes all dead skin cells and also shapes the toenails. The dead skin layer and hard skin on the feet spoil the look; therefore it is very important to look after the feet. Exfoliating the dead skin layer through pedicure treatment makes feet look good, soft, and supple as well as maintains personal hygiene.

Keeps the Toe Nails Healthy

Toenails have the purpose of protecting toes, and it is very important to keep the toenails healthy to avoid chapped nails, discoloration, and pain. Taking self-pedicure treatment at home helps to trim and shape the nails, remove the dead skin layer around the nail area making them look attractive and presentable enough.

Mental Well Being

Our hectic schedules leave no time to indulge in self-care. And if you are running short of time to take care of dry feet in winter, then a pedicure at home will fix all your skin issues. Sparing some time on the weekend for grooming your feet will not only improve the appearance of toes but also distress you from the burden of the tight schedule. You will feel not only feel de-stressed and relaxed but also get warm and soft feet in the cold weather.

Steps To Do DIY Pedicure at Home

For the easy and convenient DIY pedicure, VEGA has a wide collection of pedicure tools that give soft, healthy, and beautiful feet. Here’s how to get most of the VEGA Pedicure tools for a pedicure at home.

  • Before beginning, prep your nails by cleaning them properly.
  • Now take warm water in a tub with shampoo and essential oils and soak your feet for some minutes.
  • Take a pumice stone or foot file for scrubbing the feet and remove the dead and dry skin. Make sure to scrub the feet, heels, and in between the toes fingers.
  • Now apply any foot cream or moisturizer for making the skin soft.
  • Rinse and dry the feet and apply any nail paint of your choice.

And you are all set to welcome the winter season with happy and healthy feet!