We all survived the pandemic wave, working from home in loose-fitting pajamas and messy bun. But now that the majority of the workforce has returned to their working cubicle, the hustle of planning outfits and hairstyle of the day has arisen at the drop of the hat again. Before the anxiety of having a bad hair day triggers again, read the following article on how a hair brush is the friend in need for healthy and stylish hair. And before investing in hair brushes online, let’s take a note of why it is so pivotal to have the right hair brush in your vanity kit.

Five main reasons why to consider buying a hair brush

Detangle hair knots like a pro

Dozing off with wet hair is a common human tendency and we all have done that. But trouble in paradise occurs when you wake up with messed-up locks and hair that looks like a bird’s nest. And that’s why we need to include this for everyday brushing needs. With the hair brush, you can detangle every strand without any breakage or pain in the roots.

Massages scalp

To be honest, we all miss mom’s oil massage in childhood that made hair healthy and soft. And if work keeps you on your toes then a hair brush is your rescue partner that will help to detangle hair and then also massage your scalp to give a divine feeling.

Styling and smoothening

We all wish to have sleek and shiny hair but chemical treatment is genuinely harmful to hair. But hair brushes play a dual role in detangling and grooming hair both and the final look results in smooth, straight, and tamed locks.

Strong grip and comfort

Finding the right hair brush is like walking on an eggshell. Hence if you are looking for the right hair brush, make sure that the grip of the hair brush is strong and convenient to use. For those making partitions of thick hair, the strong grip helps to move hands freely around the hair without causing any pain.

Stimulates hair growth

Living up to the expectations of good hair quality, hair brushes also bring forth hair nutrients and uplifts hair growth. Therefore, having the right hair brush also means investing in long and healthy hair.

Best Hair Brushes Everyone Should Have

Paddle Hair Brush

To make hair look voluminous and straight, paddle brush has got everyone’s back. To add shine to long and frizzy hair, this hair brush works best in a trice.

Cushion Hair Brush

For those struggling with the issues of hair dandruff, they should buy a cushion brush right away. With the help of the nylon bristles that constitute ball tips and rubber pads helps to give hair silky and frizz-free finish.

Flat Hair Brush

If you keep your hair look simple and elegant then having a flat hair brush is all you need. For less volume, this hair brush suits the best for a daily basis look.

Round Hair Brush

This hair brush is the best buy for those who are fond of bouncy curls and love experimenting with curly hairstyles. The curvy locks can be obtained the right way with the round hair. If you are keen to find the best hair brushes, then VEGA can get you the best deals on versatile types of hair brush. Happy shopping with VEGA!