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Your Ultimate Checklist for Must Have Manicure Kit Tools

Your Ultimate Checklist for Must Have Manicure Kit Tools

While it might seem insignificant, your nails have a major role to play in making your first impression impactful. Well-groomed manicured nails can make your entire personality look polished but heading to the salon every fortnight to get a manicure can get expensive and inconvenient. Also, there’s something about sitting down to do your nails that is so relaxing and extremely therapeutic. Imagine lighting up your favourite scented candle and indulging in a pampering manicure session while listening to some lovely tunes. This could easily be someone’s idea of the perfect Sunday night.

But how to get that salon-like finish with an ‘at-home manicure’? Well, it’s not that hard. All you need is a reliable at-home manicure kit. Here we bring an ultimate checklist of all the manicure kit tools you need to get your hands on to ace that at-home manicure.

Nail Filer

A nail filer is one of the most important tools in your manicure tools set. With this tool, you can shape and file your nails and prevent them from looking rough and unkempt. Nail files are also used to smoothen out nails after you clip them so that they aren’t coarse or uneven. You can choose a big or small nail filer according to the length of your nails. If you like long nails, a larger nail file will be needed to shape them, but if you like your nails short, a small nail file will be perfect for you.

Cuticle Nipper

Tough cuticles are not just not unattractive but can also be pretty painful, this is why you must get rid of them as early as possible. A cuticle nipper is an excellent manicure kit tool that can help you do that in a quick and painless manner. But you must remember to get a good quality tool to ensure that your cuticles aren’t harmed or torn.

Nail Clipper

A nail clipper is undoubtedly an essential tool to include in your nail kit. With a nail clipper, you can trim your nails to your desired length and make them look neater. It's important to invest in a quality nail clipper so you get to avoid chipped nails.

Nail Buffer

A nail buffer is another excellent manicure kit tool that you need to amp up your nail game. With a nail buffer, you can buff and smoothen out your nails to get an even surface. Additionally, a nail buffer is also a great tool to make your nails appear shiny and glossy. Buffing your nails gives you a blank canvas making your nail art appear smoother and last longer.

Cuticle Pusher

A cuticle pusher is used to push back the skin from the cuticle making the nail appear longer. This is also important because if the skin continues to grow on your cuticle it can damage your nail bed. This is what makes pushing the cuticle one of the most important steps of the manicure.

These are all the manicure tool names that you need to remember while shopping. With these tools, you can easily get perfect manicures at home. At VEGA, we offer a range of high-quality manicure kit tools and manicure sets that are perfect for home and salon use. So, get your hands on these manicure tools today and get your Sunday evening plan is sorted!