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4 Tips on How to Clean Your Trimmer

4 Tips on How to Clean Your Trimmer

Without ever washing it, reusing your beard trimmer over and over seems harmless. The electric beard trimmer does not pose as many immediate risks, unlike your toothbrush or a shaving razor, as it does not go into your mouth or graze through your open, sensitive pores. But when electric beard trimmers are left without cleaning (or maintenance, for that matter) repeatedly, and their efficiency decreases significantly.

If you think that a hot rinse is enough to keep trimmer for men in tip-top shape, then you are mistaken. To maintain a hygienic trim and a fully working trimmer, you must learn how to clean a beard trimmer properly. That's because clippings, dead skin, dust, and debris find their way into the device's corners and crevices over time, where the bacteria can then prosper and spread. And that's not something you want against your face.

How to Clean a Trimmer

Steps in Cleaning Your Beard Trimmer

  1. Rinse the Trimmer

Most people know that they should rinse their trimmer, but that's just the first part of understanding how to clean your trimmer. But it is not very helpful to rinse the trimmer, particularly if tiny hair strands get stuck in the motor. And even though you are using a manual trimmer, only so much can be achieved by rinsing.

Run it under cold or warm water to clean your beard trimmer properly. Don't remove residual hair with your fingers because you could get nicked. Let the water do it.

  1. Use a Brush

Use a brush. There will be small strands of hair caught under the blades or around the motor most of the time (even though you don't see it).

This is where you need a brush. Most beard trimmers have a brush in them. If not, you can use an old toothbrush. Clean the blades gently, using a brush. This is a critical step while learning how to clean the trimmer blade.

Here's a tip: stroke the brush outwards if you're trying to get the hair out.

  1. Apply oil

If you see no hair, it means that you're done with the brush. Applying oil to the blades is the next step. You will need to lubricate it, just like any metal, so that it can last for a long time. It also enhances your beard trimmer's life and efficiency. You don't want the blunt trimmer, don't you?

If a bottle of oil comes with your beard trimmer, that's the one you'll use. Use alternatives like palm oil, olive oil, or rubbing oil otherwise. Directly add 1-2 drops to the blade. Be cautious not to put in too much, or the motor could be affected. To do the trick, a few drops will be enough.

  1. Let It Air Dry

Eventually, leave your blade to air dry. If your beard trimmer comes with body grooming attachments or a cover, do not attach those immediately. Allow your trimmer to dry for a while. Although you may choose to clean the trimmer with a cloth, it's best to leave it alone to prevent threads from getting caught in the blade.

Clean Your Beard Trimmer at Home

You have to make sure you use it every time there's no hair left on the trimmer blades. This is going to help extend your beard trimmer's life.

The frequency of cleaning the trimmer depends on the number of times you shave. The rule here is that you must clean it after each use.

In addition to hygienic purposes, your beard trimmer must also be washed to ensure that it runs well even after multiple uses. The blades will end up blunt without proper cleaning. If you want your beard trimmer to last long, make sure you clean and store it well. At Vega, we have a wide range of trimmers for men that features self-sharpening stainless-steel blades that are removable for cleaning. To get salon-style results at home, the Vega T-3 Beard Trimmer is an all-in-one grooming package. From 0.4 mm to 10 mm, you can pick from 20 length settings that help you trim your beard to the exact length you select. By plugging the USB cable into a laptop, power bank, or using your adaptor, you can charge this trimmer. To get 90 minutes of cordless use, charge your trimmer for 90 minutes. The trimmer has blades of stainless steel with smooth tips for a secure and quick trim and a sleek shape that is ergonomically built.

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